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Welcome, Weyt-kp, Bienvenue to J.R.E.S. - Home of the Jaguars!

Administrative Assistant: Bev Decker (bdecker@sd73.bc.ca)

Vice-Principal: Wendy Lloyd (wlloyd@sd73.bc.ca)

Principal: Carol DeFehr (cdefehr@sd73.bc.ca)

Address: 2540 Qu'Appelle Blvd, Kamloops, BC V2E 2E9

Phone: 250-374-2305
Fax: 250-377-2235
Safe Arrival Phone: 1-844-350-2647

Or ktsd.schoolconnects.com



Our school also follows THE VIRTUES PROJECT as a way to build character in our children.

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    Parent's Weekly Update: Feb. 26-March 2, 2018
    by Carol Defehr - Saturday, 24 February 2018, 2:11 PM

    Hi Parents,

    I hope you have enjoyed your time with your children with the extra two days off this week. School returns Monday Feb. 26 at 8:20 am!

    PARENTS you are reminded that you are NOT TO PARK(even for a quick drop off) in the STAFF PARKING LOT. We currently do not have enough spots even for all of our employees which is why I am asking again that parents DO NOT even enter the lot at any time of the day.  Thank you for understanding that my employees have priority in the parking lot.

    Here are the updates for this week and a glance at the following week as well for your planning.


    BASKETBALL PLAYERS: PLAYOFF PERMISSION FORMS must be returned MONDAY(last chance or you won't be eligible to play)

    TIER 2 (2) BOYS PLAY RLC at home Monday Feb. 26th 3 pm

    PAC NEWS: The next  PAC HOT LUNCH is THURS. MARCH 1 (PIZZA DAY), the next PAC Meeting is MONDAY MARCH 5 at 6 pm. We are in need of more parent supervisors if you can give up time on Mon, Wed or Friday. Please contact Mrs. Hoffer if you can assist.

    Juniper PAC is looking for your help in the beginning stages of planning for the 1st ever Juniper Ridge Elementary Spring Social Fundraiser event. Volunteers are needed for all roles so any time you have to assist is greatly appreciated.  Let’s work together and make Juniper even greater! Sign-up at: jresspringsocial@gmail.com
    PURDY'S EASTER ORDER FORMS will come home on Monday February 26th. They are due back with payment by March 8th. Thanks for supporting the kids and the school!
    PARENT MINISTRY STUDENT LEARNING SURVEY- Parents I am at 85%! Could you please take 5-10 min to complete the survey for me before Feb. 28th. We are soooooo close and I just need more of you to complete it in the next few days. Thanks to all the families that have completed it.
    If you would like to donate to the Y STRONG KIDS CAMPAIGN I would be very grateful. I am part of SD73 MISSION SLIMPOSSIBLE TEAM and we are trying to raise the most money of any team. Any donation would help- you can click on my name Carol DeFehr to donate. Here is the link:

    Mission Slimpossible 4 is fundraising in support of the YMCA-YWCA of Kamloops.

    Thanks to the PAC and JRES Families that have made a donation to support me.
    CONGRATULATIONS TO AKI LEWIS who is representing JRES at the ROTARY ZONE SPEECH CONTEST on Feb. 27th at Aberdeen Elementary. We are hopeful he will make it to the District competition, but we are proud of him no matter what!
    GR. 4 PARENTS who returned the PHYSICAL LITERACY PERMISSION FORM- a reminder that the session starts this Mon. Feb. 26 at 8 am. There is Basketball practice from 7-8 am for TIER 1 Boys.
    Mon. Feb. 26-  PIZZA WITH THE PRINCIPAL LUNCH FOR FEBRUARY with the 4 Winners! Trudi Neilsen will be a guest presenter in all primary classes with a focus on Aborginal Education today.
    Tues. Feb. 27- FEBRUARY RECOGNITION ASSEMBLY 8:45- We will announce the winners of the HERITAGE STAMP CONTEST and recognize our JRES ROTARY SPEECH CONTEST FINALISTS. AKI will share his speech with the student body. Then he and I will head to the Zone Finals at 1:00pm.
    TIER 2(1) BOYS play at AEP today at 3 pm
    JRES SCIENCE FAIR for Swift, Stonehouse and Johnston in the PM
    Wed. Feb. 28- WEAR PINK! ANTI BULLYING DAY! We are hosting an Assembly at 9 am  if any parents would like to join us. Mrs. Swift/Lucas's class is presenting and there will be a draw where one lucky student will get to win PRINCIPAL FOR THE DAY!
    TIER 1 Girls at home vs. MCGOWAN  3 pm
    MARCH NEWSLETTER WILL BE EMAILED to PARENTS. Don't forget to enter Pizza with the Principal!
    Thurs. March 1- PAC PIZZA LUNCH, TIER 1 BOYS AT ASES, MOTHER GOOSE 3-4 pm, Kindergarten ROUND UP EVENT at 5:30 pm HGEC for all NEW K PARENTS 2018-2019.
    Fri. March 2- Skating- HILL, GATIEN and PIERCE 1:00 Valleyview , WATERS Gr. 7's to TRY A TRADE at TRU, all YOUNG ARTISTS work due to Mrs. Stonehouse for consideration for the Conference.
    REMEMBER SAT. MARCH 3 is COMMUNITY SAFETY DAY at JUNIPER RIDGE. A huge thank you to the Juniper RIdge Community Association for all their planning. Please bring your children to this event.
    Coming up next week: 
    Virtue of the Week: COURAGE
    Mon. March 5- PAC MEETING 6 pm
    Tues. March 6- ROARS HALL STARS Blitz begins for classes that keep the hallways clean!
                         -HOSTING SEMI FINALS for TIER 2 BOYS Basketball
    Wed. March 7- Gr. 7 Parents should know that I am meeting with my team of Gr. 7 teachers to discuss plans for our Gr. 7 MOVING ON CEREMONY 2018. More information to follow and we will be surveying students as to their preferences in the coming weeks.
    Thurs. March 8- PURDY'S ORDERS due back to the office, Mrs. Sandhu/Patterson's class invite parents in at 1:30 for a PRESENTATION OF LEARNING afternoon. Swimming for Unsworth and Murray's classes today 12:30/ Last  Winter Mother Goose session 3-4 pm
    Friday March 9- PAC SENOR FROGGIES LUNCH, Skating at 1:00 for GRIMM and REIN's classes
    Thanks to all parents of Juniper Ridge for being amazing. I brag everywhere I go about how fortunate I am to be the principal in such a terrific community.
    Mrs. DeFehr (One proud principal that gets to work with excellent students,  excellent parents and excellent staff each day!)

    Picture of Carol Defehr
    by Carol Defehr - Monday, 19 February 2018, 4:59 PM
    Juniper: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/juniper-elementary-spark-kindergarten-2018-4-sessions-available-tickets-42448804517

    Hi Parents of our NEW K's

    Please click on the link above to register your child for the 4 KINDERGARTEN SPARK SESSIONS up and coming to get your child ready for Kindergarten at Juniper in September. Please see the attached poster for SPARK information!

    Thanks so much,

    Mrs. DeFehr

    Picture of Carol Defehr
    PARENT's WEEKLY UPDATE Feb. 19-23rd, 2018
    by Carol Defehr - Sunday, 18 February 2018, 2:34 PM

    Hi Parents,

    Happy Snowy Weekend! With a return to school tomorrow, please remind your children that snow always stays on the ground as soon as they enter the school grounds. Also, a reminder about our sledding rules is appreciated as there will be lots of fresh snow to enjoy! We encourage them to play and sled and create, but at no time can they pick up snow at throw it.

    Here are the reminders for this week and a glance at the following week for your planning:


    PLEASE COMPLETE THE  PARENT MINISTRY STUDENT LEARNING SURVEY if you haven't already. I will resend the link again. Thanks to those parents that have done the survey. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so.

    PAC NEWS: Juniper PAC is looking for your help in the beginning stages of planning for the 1st ever Juniper Ridge Elementary Spring Social Fundraiser event. Volunteers are needed for all roles so any time you have to assist is greatly appreciated.  Let’s work together and make Juniper even greater! Sign-up at: jresspringsocial@gmail.com

    BASKETBALL UPDATE: PLAYOFF SCHEDULES and PERMISSION FORMS will go home with all teams participating in Playoffs MONDAY. These forms need to be returned by Wed. Feb. 21 (since Feb. 22 and 23 we have no school)

    REMINDER: THERE IS NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS FEB. 22 or FEB. 23. One is for a Curriculum Implementation Day and the other is a NON INSTRUCTIONAL DAY.  Take time to enjoy the BC WINTER GAMES if you can take your kids to a few events.

    Mon. Feb. 19- All HERITAGE STAMPS and PARAGRAPHS due to Mrs. DeFehr for 9 am. We will be judging and choosing the GR. 3/4/5/6/7 winners afterschool.

    BASKETBALL- TIER 1 Girls play at ASES and TIER 2 Girls are at home vs ABERDEEN

    Tues. Feb. 20- REIN and GRIMM's classes to STAKE LAKE, UNSWORTH, MURRAY and WATERS classes to HARPER MOUNTAIN.


    BASKETBALL- TIER 1 Boys  at home vs. LGES, BOTH TIER 2 Teams at PAC WAY

    Wed. Feb. 21- Let's Play Wheelchairs to arrive for PE classes

    Thurs. Feb. 22- NO CLASSES

    Fri. Feb. 23- NO CLASSES




    MARCH NEWSLETTER will be emailed home this week (likely Feb. 28)

    THE SCHOOL WILL BE DOING AN EASTER PURDY'S FUNDRAISER. ORDER FORMS will come home on FEB. 26 and are due back MARCH 8th. ORDERS will arrive at the school and be sent home/available for pick up the week before Easter. Thanks for your support!

    Mon. Feb. 26- Guest Presenter in all Primary classes with Aboriginal Focus for the day, Tier 2 (2) boys host RLC in Playoffs, PIZZA with the PRINCIPAL Lunch, GR. 4 PHYSICAL LITERACY STARTS at 8 am.

    Tues. Feb. 27- RECOGNITION ASSEMBLY 8:45 am. JRES SCIENCE FAIR for Johnston, Swift and Stonehouse's classes PM, Tier 2(1) at AEP for Playoffs

    Wed. Feb. 28- ANTI BULLYING DAY! PINK DAY! WEAR PINK!  PINK DAY ASSEMBLY 9 am- Presentation by Mrs. Swift/Lucas' class. I will also be drawing one lucky name who will get to be PRINCIPAL FOR THE DAY!  GR. 4 PHYSICAL LITERACY 8 am, GOOD LUCK TO AKI LEWIS representing Juniper at the ZONE ROTARY SPEECH CONTEST 1 pm. TIER 1 GIRLS at home vs. MCGOWAN.

    Thurs. March 1- TIER 1 Boys at ASES for Playoffs, PAC PIZZA LUNCH- all students will eat at 12:05, Mother Goose Program 3-4, Kindergarten Round Up for new K parents at the HGEC 5:30 pm

    Fri. March 2- SKATING- Hill, Gatien and Pierce 1:00, WATERS class to TRU for TRY A TRADE Day, Young Artists submissions to Mrs. Stonehouse Gr. 4-7

    SATURDAY MARCH 3- COMMUNITY SAFETY DAY~ 2-4 pm. Please bring your families by the school to take in all the action!

    Just so parents are aware- TERM II ends on Friday March 2. REPORT CARDS FOR TERM II will come home on Thurs. March 14th. Teachers may communicate to parents via an "I" FORM "Improvement Needed" in Gr. 4-7 should your child be in a situation where they are not passing a subject. Students will also need to realize that assessments and project completion is very important in the next two weeks. Parents- if you can ensure your child's attendance is made a priority, unless terribly ill, we would really appreciate it.

    A reminder Mrs. Storozak and Mrs. Grimm's classes will be doing the SOLES4SOULS campaign. Please if cleaning your shoe closet, please do not toss or donate any footwear- please send it to the school for this great global project. More details will come home in the MARCH Newsletter.

    Our PBIS 430 MINION REASONS WE LOVE JUNIPER RIDGE event was a huge success. Parents, if you can come inside the school and check them out- we would love it!

    Thanks everyone,

    Mrs. DeFehr (One Proud Principal to all of your happy and intelligent kids!)