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Welcome, Weyt-kp, Bienvenue to J.R.E.S. - Home of the Jaguars!

Administrative Assistant: Bev Decker (bdecker@sd73.bc.ca)

Vice-Principal: Wendy Lloyd (wlloyd@sd73.bc.ca)

Principal: Carol DeFehr (cdefehr@sd73.bc.ca)

Address: 2540 Qu'Appelle Blvd, Kamloops, BC V2E 2E9

Phone: 250-374-2305
Fax: 250-377-2235
Safe Arrival Phone: 1-844-350-2647



Our school also follows THE VIRTUES PROJECT as a way to build character in our children.

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    Juniper Ridge Parent's Weekly Update Oct. 15-19, 2018
    by Carol Defehr - Saturday, 13 October 2018, 10:57 AM

    Hi Parents,

    Have a lovely weekend with your children. Here are the updates for the coming week and a glance at the following week for your planning:

    OCTOBER'S GROWTH MINDSET FOCUS: My brain is like a muscle that grows!

    1. Just a reminder that PAC SPIRIT WEAR ORDERS close Monday October 15th! Every Friday will be Spirit Day at Juniper where we wear school colors and our Jaguars Logo clothing! Join the fun! They make great gifts if you want to keep it a surprise for Christmas even. Go to the Munch A Lunch app to order. PAC will also be hosting a HALLOWEEN DANCE on Thursday Oct. 25! We hope you can attend with your children- what a great event! SAVE THE DATE! PAC HOT LUNCH is Thurs. Oct. 18 and it is Swiss Chalet!

    2. My apologies- Juniper Ridge is NOT a site for voting for the election on October 20th. You will need to go to Valleyview Secondary to vote. Sorry for the confusion.

    3. IT IS WASTE REDUCTION WEEK! In an effort to #BEGREEN our school is promoting LITTERLESS LUNCHES this week! Please be thoughtful when packing your child's lunch! Also, please try to have them walk to school or ride their bike and not get a car ride(if possible)! Thanks!

    4. CUPCAKE ORDERS are due Mon. October 15. The Cupcake sale is Wed. Oct. 17 and is supporting Mrs. Swift's virtual field trip of having 'Charlotte'  into their classroom. Thank you!

    5. SOCKTOBER is coming soon! October 22 will be the big kick off for our Leadership campaign. Please consider picking up NEW Socks or NEW MITTS for this event! More information will be given to your children this week. We are really hoping to make a difference for those less fortunate this fall.

    6. VOLLEYBALL SEASON kicks off this week! League games begin! Last chance to return your permission forms. We are quite short on drivers! If you can help please ensure your coach knows.

    Tues. Oct. 16- Tier 1 Boys play at home/Wed. Oct. 17 Tier 3 Coed team plays at home/ Thurs. Oct. 18- Tier 1 girls team travels to Clearwater and Tier 2 girls travel to Chase

    7. TUES. OCT. 16- Gr. 1-7 are heading to the SALMON RUN! Kindergarten students will remain in the building.

    8. TUES. OCT. 16- PARENTS CAN SIGN UP FOR PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS Nov. 1 and 2. PTC.FAST.COM is how we do our interview sign up process. It will go live to you this day and you will get an email with the link. Click on your child's teacher and sign up for a time that works for you. These are not mandatory by any means if you feel like you have a good sense of your child's progress already, but we look forward to seeing many of you in the building meeting the teacher and seeing our displays in the hallways.

    9. WED. OCT. 17 COME READ WITH ME EVENT FOR Gr. 1 Parents and students 8:15-10:10 with Fiona Clare(library and grade one classrooms). Special thanks to the PAC for sponsoring this event and providing the snacks as well! 

    10. CUPCAKE DAY Wednesday! Cupcakes will be delivered before snack time.

    11. THURS. OCT. 18- WEAR PURPLE for SPIRIT DAY across the province. This days symbolizes acceptance for all and inclusion of people's uniqueness and individuality. We also have an EARTHQUAKE DRILL today!

    12. REMINDER Friday October 19 is a NON INSTRUCTIONAL DAY. There is no school for students. Teachers will be busy learning at a variety of opportunities!

    Coming up next week:


    Monday Oct. 22- All 4 K Classes to the Pumpkin Patch! SCHOOL LIBRARY DAY IN CANADA!

    Tues. Oct. 23- TIer 1 Boys travel to Summit for Volleyball

    Wed. Oct. 24- Bus Safety for K's and their buddy classes 9 am by SD73/ Tier 3 team travels to South Sahali/ Pizza with the Principal lunch/ FVP is apple delivery

    Thurs. Oct. 25- LIFETOUCH PHOTO RETAKES/PAC Hot Lunch Senor Froggies / Tier 1 Girls at St. Ann's and Tier 2 girls at OLPH/ PAC HALLOWEEN DANCE

    Fri. Oct. 26- Ms. Plut and Mrs. Sandhu's class to PUMPKIN PATCH all day

    We are encouraging the students to leave the leaves on the ground at school parents. You would be shocked how many dogs do their business in them on the weekends and evenings. Also, we have many party go'ers at the school and broken glass and VERY inappropriate and unsafe items are found hidden in the leaves. Thanks for reminding your children about these dangers.

    Also, we are using the language EXPECTED and UNEXPECTED frequently! We thank children for example when they are demonstrating the expected behaviours (ROARS). When the children surprise us with their behaviour we will state that what they are doing is unexpected and redirect them. We hope you can use these two words at home as well to mirror the language at Juniper Ridge.

    Thanks everyone!

    Mrs. DeFehr (One very proud principal! I am at the best school in the district, with the best kids, the best parents and the best staff!)


    Picture of Carol Defehr
    Juniper Ridge Parent's Weekly Update Oct. 8-12, 2018
    by Carol Defehr - Saturday, 6 October 2018, 12:11 PM

    Happy Long Weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

    OCTOBER GROWTH MINDSET THEME: My Brain is Like a Muscle that Grows! Please keep reminding students of this when tasks are hard- it means their brain is growing like a muscle!

    CHAPTERS ADOPT A SCHOOL- IT ALL ENDS SUNDAY OCTOBER 7th! We are at 149 books and I would love to at least reach 50% of our goal(436) and at least have 200 BOOKS DONATED! Please go to adoptaschool.indigo.ca and find Juniper Ridge Elementary!

    Gr. 6/7 PARENTS- please see the ATTACHED BAND-TASTIC opportunity for your child! What an opportunity to get them playing an instrument!

    PAC UPDATE: The PAC is holding a special PAC MEETING on Tues. Oct. 9 at 8:30 am in the staffroom. They have some upcoming budget request items that are time sensitive and need to meet to discuss and vote on them. If you can make it- they would love to have lots of parent representation.

    PAC SPIRIT WEAR ORDERS- Due October 15. You can order on the MUNCH A LUNCH APP! They make great Christmas presents! We also have spirit day every Friday so we love seeing kids show their school pride! The t-shirts are also helpful if your child plays sports for our school- they can wear their own shirt and not have to wear someone else's smelly one~ especially during Track season when we are always short on jerseys.

    PAC PIZZA HOT LUNCH is Thurs. Oct. 11. We all eat at 12:05 and then all play together 12:20-1:00.

    Thank you to PAC as well who approved the purchase of 2 BUDDY BENCHES for our playground. The premise behind the Buddy Bench is that those without a friend to play with at recess and lunch can sit on the bench and other children will then offer that child a chance to play with them rather than being alone. Our hope is to foster inclusion.

    VOLLEYBALL UPDATE: Permisson forms and packages will come home with the players on Tuesday. I am organizing them all this weekend. Forms and fees are due back by Friday Oct. 12. League play begins the week of Oct. 15.  If anyone knows anyone willing to ref our HOME GAMES I would be so grateful!

    Reminder NO SCHOOL on Monday Oct. 8- Enjoy the extra day with your children. We will see everyone Tuesday Oct. 9 at 8:20 am.

    OCT. 8-12 is FIRE PREVENTION WEEK- please review a plan with your family to exit your home if fire ever struck. We would love for families to have this frank conversation about what it looks like so that everyone gets out safely.

    RETURN PIZZA WITH THE PRINCIPAL FORMS by Fri. Oct. 12! The form was at the back of the October newsletter!

    GRADE 1 Parents- Please return your RSVP for COME READ WITH ME EVENT by Oct. 10. Thanks to our wonderful PAC for paying the cost of the facilitator and materials for the students. The PAC have even gone so far as to provide the snacks for this event as well.

    MOTHER GOOSE SESSION starts Wed. Oct. 10 from 3-4 pm in our library

    CROSS COUNTRY RUN TEAM- Last run of the season is Wed. Oct. 10 at Dallas Elementary

    YPC PERMISSION FORMS for Gr. 4-7 Please return asap.

    LEADERSHIP CAMPAIGN- SOCKTOBER! Parents if you are out and about, please pick up a new pair of socks! Our Leadership students will be kicking off SOCKTOBER very soon and our hope is that we can collect 436 pairs of socks for those in need this winter!


    WASTE REDUCTION WEEK: LItterless lunches all week please!

    Tues. Oct. 16- SALMON RUN Gr. 1-7 Please ensure permission slips are returned to the classroom teacher.

    Parent Teacher Interview sign up will start on Tues. Oct. 16. We use a system called PTC FAST.COM and you will be emailed a link to select a time with your classroom teacher.

    Wed. Oct. 17- COME READ WITH ME EVENT- Gr. 1 parents 8:20 in the library

    Thurs. Oct. 18- SPIRIT DAY- WEAR PURPLE to foster the premise of #acceptanceforall, inclusion and diversity.

     GREAT BC EARTHQUAKE SHAKEOUT- We will be having an earthquake drill today as part of the provincial program.

    PAC HOT LUNCH DAY- Swiss Chalet. All eat at 12:05



    WIth thanks,

    Mrs. Carol DeFehr (One extremely grateful principal this Thanksgiving to work in the Juniper Community with all of your children and yourselves!)


    Picture of Carol Defehr
    by Carol Defehr - Saturday, 29 September 2018, 10:08 AM

    Hi Parents,

    Please find below all the information you need about what is happening this week at our school!

    Welcome to October!

    The October newsletter is posted on the website and was emailed home to you on Thursday Sept. 27th. Please remember to print the Pizza with the Principal form and return it by Oct. 12!

    This is the last week for our Chapters Indigo ADOPT A SCHOOL campaign! We are at 117 books so far with a goal of 436 so we really need your support!  Go to adoptaschool.indigo.ca   Thank you for all the books donated to date! We really appreciate it! The campaign ends Sunday Oct. 7th

    OCTOBER 1-5 is RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS WEEK! Encourage your child to do a random act this week that will bestow the virtue of kindness!

    Gr. 4 and 7 students are immersed in their FSA Ministry Exams this week and next. Thank you for ensuring they are well rested and on time each day. They will need to catch up on missed portions if absent.

    PAC UPDATE: OCTOBER's PAC Meeting is Monday Oct. 1 at 6:15 pm. We would love to see many of you there! We meet in the library.  PAC HOT LUNCH ORDERS must be placed by Oct. 4 on the MUNCH A LUNCH APP. PAC SPIRIT WEAR CAMPAIGN is also up and running on the Munch A Lunch app. An email was sent Thurs. Sept. 27 about this as well. 

    MOTHER GOOSE PROGRAM begins at Juniper Oct. 10. Parents can register at www.eventbrite.ca

    VOLLEYBALL SEASON IS UNDERWAY- all teams are set and practices begin this week. Please have your athlete check the schedules on the athletic board posted by Mrs. Grimm. Gr. 4's have a chance to participate in a Volleyball Clinic every Thursday at lunch! They should see Mrs. Grimm to sign up and thanks to parents Tasha and Deb for coaching this clinic.  Schedules for League Play will likely come out next week and your child will need to have all documentation completed to play.

    CROSS COUNTRY UPDATE- 2 runs this week! On Tuesday Oct. 2 the team is participating in the Arthur Stevenson Race and on Thursday they travel to Clearwater. The bus leaves at 1:00 and will return between 6-6:30 pm at the school. Mrs. Weatherall is the teacher in charge. Any questions please email her at lweatherall@sd73.bc.ca

    We have our second practice LOCKDOWN on Wednesday this week. The children did an amazing job during our first one so I anticipate they will be equally as calm. Constable Meikle is scheduled to join us to ensure our practices meet RCMP requirements.

    By Friday Oct. 5 parents will receive a copy of the TERM I Learning Outcomes for your child's class. The intent is to inform parents about the learning happening until November so parents can also support the content and big ideas. Please contact your child's teacher whenever you have a concern or question.

    A reminder that Mrs. Lloyd (Vice Principal) and myself are both out of the building Thurs. Oct. 4 and Friday Oct. 5. Please feel free to email me if you have a concern or question cdefehr@sd73.bc.ca

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING Monday Oct. 8- No school for Students or Staff.



    Grade One Parents need to return their RSVP for the PAC Sponsored Reading Workshop called COME READ WITH ME by Oct. 10

    District Dallas Cross Country Run is Oct. 10

    PAC PIZZA Lunch is Oct. 11

    Pizza with the Principal Forms due Oct. 12

    We will start to have SPIRIT DAY FRIDAYS once clothing orders have been placed. Then we will start to encourage Juniper Ridge attire and school colors to be worn each Friday at our school.

    Please note that our Parent Teacher Interviews are not until November. That said, teachers will begin to reach out to connect with parents more this month now that we have had a month with your child. Parents we appreciate your support immensely.

    Thanks so much! If you are on Instagram or Twitter be sure to follow us!

    INSTAGRAM: juniperridgeelementary

    TWITTER: @juniperridge73


    Mrs. DeFehr (Your very proud principal who cares a whole lot about the school and your kids!)