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Welcome, Weyt-kp, Bienvenue to J.R.E.S. - Home of the Jaguars!

Administrative Assistant: Bev Decker (bdecker@sd73.bc.ca)

Vice-Principal: Wendy Lloyd (wlloyd@sd73.bc.ca)

Principal: Carol DeFehr (cdefehr@sd73.bc.ca)

Address: 2540 Qu'Appelle Blvd, Kamloops, BC V2E 2E9

Phone: 250-374-2305
Fax: 250-377-2235
Safe Arrival Phone: 1-844-350-2647

Or ktsd.schoolconnects.com



Our school also follows THE VIRTUES PROJECT as a way to build character in our children.

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    JUNIPER PARENT'S WEEKLY UPDATE March 12-16th, 2018
    by Carol Defehr - Saturday, 10 March 2018, 11:03 AM

    Happy Last Week before SPRING BREAK!

    Hi Parents!

    Here are the updates for this coming week and a glance at events I know about once we return from the break.


    Congratulations to Ava Barrett in Mrs. Rein's room- she won the SD73 ROBOTICS TSHIRT DESIGN competition! Thanks to Ava and Mrs. Rein for doing this project as we won 10 EDISON ROBOTS for our school!

    Desks and Lockers will be cleaned out this week so it is always a good idea to send an extra bag this week. Please come check the LOST AND FOUND THIS WEEK as we will be bagging up all items remaining on Friday and sending them to Found4Kids to reuse for needy families in the city.

    SWIM CLUB Gr. 4-7. If your child would like to join swim club and missed the meeting please ensure they see Mrs. Unsworth on Monday. Another meeting will be held this week and permission forms will be sent home. There are 2 permission forms I drafted- both high risk. One is for our 4 Practice Sessions and one is for the Swim Meet on April 18th. Thanks to Deb Twemlow for assisting in organizing the lanes for the YMCA. The school will cover the fees to rent the pool.

    FLAG FOOTBALL- I would love to have a FLAG FOOTBALL TEAM this year, but I need a coach! If you know the rules or are willing to learn the rules and have some practices and can commit to taking the team on Tuesdays to their games please send me an email cdefehr@sd73.bc.ca

    ROARS HALL STARS BLITZ continues this week! Teachers are checking the hallways, lockers, cubbies and boot racks to make sure all is organized. If the class is successful they are entered a daily draw for the STAR and next week the grand prize!

    SOLES4SOULS- Please send any used footwear to Mrs. Storozak as we are doing a huge global project to send shoes to needy places! This will continue after Spring Break as well.

    GR. 7 PARENTS- You are reminded to complete your survey on the JUNE MOVING ON OPTIONS for your child and what event you support as we start our planning. Also, Gr. 7 parents are invited to Valleyview on March 13 at 7 pm for a Welcome to Gr. 8 Meeting.  March 15 is a meeting for the Valleyview Hockey Academy if that is of interest to your child.

    *GR 7 PARENTS PLEASE RETURN COURSE SELECTION BOOKS for 2018-2019 by March 15 to your Gr. 7 Teacher.

    PIZZA WITH THE PRINCIPAL FORMS are due back TUESDAY! Lucky winners will be announced Wednesday!

    OUR NEW K's for 2018-2019 will be joining us for their first SPARK SESSION Tues. March 13 at either 4:30 or 5:45 depending on what session they registered for. We can't wait to meet you!

    TERM II REPORT CARDS come home Wednesday March 14th. Congratulations to all of our students for their academic and social gains! BROWN REPORT CARD envelopes need to be returned by Fri. March 16th. If you would like to meet with the teacher please contact them for a good meeting time. They will be available from 3-4 on March 15 or can make alternate arrangements to meet your schedule needs.

    Gr. 6/7 YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR'S FAIR is Wed. March 14th. PLEASE support this Career Education project. If you can send between $2 and $5 your child may want to purchase one of the creative design products. Parents are welcome! Come to the gym to see this amazing project in action!

    PAC UPDATE- An email was sent regarding the SPRING SOCIAL and the needs the committee has. Please be sure to read their messaging. The next PAC Meeting is APRIL 9th at 6 pm.

    TUESDAY MARCH 13- Mrs. Swift/Lucas' class goes to TRU Drama Department for a field trip.

    THURSDAY MARCH 15- Mrs. Johnston's class goes to BLSC and Mrs. Unsworth and Murray's classes go swimming.


    Our two student teachers in Mrs. Swift and Mrs. Pierce's classes enjoy their final day at Juniper. They are headed back to TRU to complete their schooling.

    The Principal at Marion Schilling is away Wed, Thurs and Friday this week so Mrs. Lloyd and I are managing both schools for those three days. It is going to be a busy few days! Thanks for your understanding.

    SPRING BREAK- MARCH 17-MARCH 25! Enjoy this time with your children!


    Coming up the week after SPRING BREAK: Virtue of the Week MODERATION

    Mon. March 26- PURDY's ORDERS will be available for pick up or please email Mrs. Decker if you want it to be sent home with your child.

    STAFF COLLABORATION happens on Monday March 26- we are actually doing a joint time with Dallas Elementary. You will see staff leaving promptly at 2:35 to get to Dallas Elementary.

    Tues. March 27- Pizza with the Principal LUNCH!  Tech Mentors will be in the school to work with Grimm, Stonehouse, Davey's classes. Thanks to the PAC for sponsoring this mentorship by supporting financially the costs involved to do this.

    Thurs. March 29- PAC PIZZA LUNCH. We will all eat at 12:05.

    APRIL NEWSLETTER will be emailed to parents.

    Friday March 30- NO SCHOOL GOOD FRIDAY


    Thank you Parents and PAC- the SD73 MISSION SLIMPOSSIBLE TEAM that I was on for the Y STRONG KIDS CHALLENGE WON!  We won the actual fitness competition and we raised the most money of all the teams!  Thanks for your support.


    Mrs. DeFehr (Proud Principal to an amazing group of students and their supportive parents!)

    Picture of Carol Defehr
    by Carol Defehr - Saturday, 10 March 2018, 11:02 AM

    Dear Parents,

    The Spring Social committee is starting their fundraising efforts for this year's upcoming Spring Social on Friday, May 11, at the Sandman Signature Hotel. Please let us know if you able to support the Spring Social.  Your support is very much appreciated and we would love your help for a record-breaking fundraiser! Here are some ideas of ways you may be able to help below and a letter attached (in two formats) that explains the way parents can become involved. Please take a few minutes to read the letter as well as this email. As the Principal of Juniper Ridge, I am so pleased that our PAC is willing to put so much time and effort into an event like this. We hope you will support our school, our students and our staff so that we can offer the best experiences for our learners.

            Can you ask businesses that you frequent to donate a gift certificate: restaurants, hair salon, massage therapist, photographer, music teacher, dentist, optometrist--the sky's the limit!

    ·       Do you have a chalet, cottage or time-share that you could offer for a weekend or week?

    ·       Do you have any event tickets you could donate: sports, concert, theatre, opera?

    ·       Do you have an experience you could offer, such as a round of golf, an afternoon of paddle boarding, a tour where most of us wouldn't normally get to go like a movie set or TV set?

    ·       Do you have a talent you could share, for example: creating garden urns, prepping a gourmet meal in the winner's home, music lessons, sewing lessons, tutoring, make-up for a big night out?

    ·       Could you - along with other parents - join together to donate a special item, i.e. dinner for two at a great restaurant, a spa day, a basket of fine wines or spirits?

    ·       Do you have any new goods, merchandise, gift baskets or gift cards?

    ·       Do you have any airline or hotel credits that could be transferred?

     To be a part of the Spring Social organizing committee, or for general inquiries, please contact the social committee at: jresspringsocial@gmail.com

    Please let them know how you can help!


    Mrs. DeFehr (forwarding this information from the PAC SPRING SOCIAL COMMITTEE)

    Picture of Carol Defehr
    by Carol Defehr - Friday, 2 March 2018, 5:02 PM

    Hi Everyone,

    It is Report Card reading weekend for me so I am sending the Parent Weekly Update tonight so I can focus the rest of the weekend on your child's learning documents. Here are the updates for this week and a glance at the following week as well for your planning.

    Please find attached a flyer from the district for a PARENT WORKSHOP March 8 at 6:30 with Nick Chernoff  "Raising Digital Responsible Learners" 6:30-8:30 HGEC-  Definitely worth attending!

    Don't forget tomorrow(Sat. March 3) is COMMUNITY SAFETY DAY at Juniper Ridge from 2-4 pm. Lots of great door prizes and events planned. Thanks for your support.

    Don't forget to enter your child in the PIZZA with the PRINCIPAL draw! The entry form was at the back of the March newsletter or your child can ask Mrs. Decker for a paper copy.

    PAC UPDATE: Our next PAC meeting is Monday March 5th at 6 pm in the library. Please join us as all parents are part of the PAC. The Principal also gives a report about the happenings in the school. I will also be sharing Kindergarten enrollment information/class configuration information for 2018-2019 and information about our School Learning Plan.

    PAC SENOR FROGGIE LUNCH is Friday March 9th. We will all eat at12:05 that day.

    We are welcoming back Mrs. Ashlea Davey into our Gr. 6/7 class (Mon/Tues) and Gr. 5/6 class on Wednesday. She has been on maternity leave and is excited to work with the children.


    Gr. 4-7 Parents of SWIMMERS! We are hoping to enter a JUNIPER RIDGE team  into the SD73 ELEMENTARY SWIM MEET April 18. Please talk to your child if they would like to participate so when a meeting is called you have already discussed this opportunity with them.

    BASKETBALL UPDATE: All 4 teams are moving on in the playoffs this week: Tier 2(1) plays at Juniper on Tuesday at 4 pm and Tier 2(2) play at Pac Way on Tuesday. Tier 1 Girls play Wednesday at Dufferin at 4 pm. Tier 1 Boys play Thursday at Dufferin at 4 pm. Parents are responsible for carpooling or driving their child to their game. Please be at the school 30 min before game time.

    PURDY's ORDER FUNDRAISER ends Thurs. March 8. Please return all orders with payment to the office by Thursday.

    March 6 we will start a PBIS blitz on HALLWAYS. We will be looking for ROARS HALL STARS- lockers closed, boots on racks and all items hung and tidy! We will have one primary and one intermediate grand prize winner announced on March 16th.

    On Thurs. March 8 Mrs. Sandhu and Mrs. Patterson welcome their parents to a Presentation Of Learning afternoon starting at 1:30.

    A reminder on Thurs. March 8- Unsworth and Murray's classes go swimming at TCC at 12:30

    Friday is an exciting day as Natalie Seifert will be PRINCIPAL FOR THE DAY~ she was the lucky winner who gets to do my job all day with me! Grimm and Rein's classes go skating on Friday at 1:00. On Fridays students should wear their JUNIPER RIDGE SPIRIT WEAR.


    Coming up next week: Our last week before Spring Break!

    Virtue of the Week: Patience

    Don't forget to save your shoes for our SOULS 4 SOLES campaign coming up. We need your old shoes!

    March 13- Pizza with the Principal forms due. Our NEW KINDERGARTEN SPARK EVENT is  happening 4:30-5:30 and 5:45-6:45. Thanks to all new 2018-2019- K parents that registered in Eventbrite.

    March 14- TERM II REPORT CARDS go home with students. Parents please celebrate and be sure to read the report card to/with your child. It is meant to be a shared document. Please return BROWN REPORT CARD ENVELOPES Thursday and Friday.

    We are excited that our YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR'S FAIR is happening Wed. March 14. Our Gr. 6/7 classes have done design, marketing and are excited to sell their products to the student body for Career Education. Most items to purchase are $2 so depending on how much you wish to send, if any at all, we would love for our senior students to have our young population purchase their creations. They are outstanding!

    March 15- If parents have concerns about the report card please feel free to set up a time to meet with the teacher. This can be done via email, phone call or a parent teacher interview. The teachers are happy to discuss your child's progress if you have any concerns.

    Mrs. Johnston's class goes to BLSC for the morning on Thursday AM and in the PM, Mrs. Unsworth and Mrs. Murray's classes go swimming.

    March 16- GREEN DAY! Get in the spirit for St. Patrick's Day! Our student teachers Ms. Malner and Ms. Lucas finish their practicums so those classes will say goodbye to the future teachers.

    Lockers and Desks will be cleaned out prior to Spring Break. Please be sure to check the lost and found. So much good stuff is in there! We can't keep it forever either....so check in the next two weeks before we send it to Found4Kids program.


    Thanks everyone,

    Mrs. DeFehr (One proud principal to 430 students who have consistently been impressing me with their choices and engagement in learning!)