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Welcome, Weyt-kp, Bienvenue to J.R.E.S. - Home of the Jaguars!

Administrative Assistant: Bev Decker (bdecker@sd73.bc.ca)

Vice-Principal: Wendy Lloyd (wlloyd@sd73.bc.ca)

Principal: Carol DeFehr (cdefehr@sd73.bc.ca)

Address: 2540 Qu'Appelle Blvd, Kamloops, BC V2E 2E9

Phone: 250-374-2305
Fax: 250-377-2235
Safe Arrival Phone: 1-844-350-2647

Or ktsd.schoolconnects.com



Our school also follows THE VIRTUES PROJECT as a way to build character in our children.

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    Parent's Weekly Update Oct. 23-27th, 2017
    by Carol Defehr - Sunday, 22 October 2017, 12:07 PM

    Hello Juniper Ridge Parents/Guardians,

    Please find below the reminders for this week and a glance at the following week as well. Please note I also put all this information on the Juniper Ridge Website under the Site News. Remember to follow us on Instagram and Twitter and join the Juniper Ridge PAC Facebook page too!



    A huge thank you to our PAC and all parents that support our fundraising efforts- Last week the PAC graciously hosted the COME READ WITH ME EVENT for our Gr. 1 parents. PAC supplied all the coffee and snacks for this event, paid the faciliator costs and even paid the $5 fee per Gr. 1 child for their book and home reading games package. As principal, I truly appreciate this financial support. Just another great example how your fundraiser efforts support our children.

    JUNIPER RIDGE SPIRIT WEAR CLOTHING ORDERS are available on the MUNCH A LUNCH link on the Juniper Ridge website. Track pants, hoodies, t shirts and toques all available for sale until November 3. Sample sizes are available for children to try on- please come on in! Once the orders arrive we will promote spirit day each Friday.

    JUNIPER RIDGE SOCK FUNDRAISER ends MONDAY OCT. 23- tomorrow is your last chance to send in your orders! All funds raised will go towards purchasing more coding robotics for our school.

    Speaking of Coding- if you have an apple device at home download the app LIGHTBOT HOUR! This is just so great for children and I encourage you to have your child practice their coding skills often.

    LOST AND FOUND is BURSTING! Parents, there are so many nice pairs of shoes and hoodies I can't begin to even tell you! Please have your children check out the tables of beautiful clothing Mrs. Decker has organized. A reminder that as it accumulates we need to move it from the hallway and will call a local non profit organization called FOUND 4 KIDS to come pick it up. I will give you lots of warning when we do that, but please come take a look now!

    SCHOOL FUNDRAISERS up and coming- Parents, you can be thinking about if you would like to particpate in two upcoming fundraisers run from the office. Mrs. Decker and I will be doing PURDY'S again for the holiday season. Those order forms will come home Nov. 1. Also, teachers will be doing a fundraiser called ART CARDS- your child will be creating a lovely piece of artwork, we then have a company turn it into a card (puzzles, posters and phone cases also available) and parents can then choose if they would like to purchase them. Your child's name and age are on the back of the cards. They are a real keepsake.

    REVERSE CONSENT LETTERS were sent home Thursday regarding treats your children are potentially given at school. The intent of this letter is to be transparent that often birthday cupcakes come to school or teachers give a small class reward. Nutrition in our school is important to PAC and parents and as a staff we have an obligation to meet the policy requirements as well. Please return the form if needed or contact your child's teacher if you have questions about the frequency of this.

    HANDS AND FEET TO SELF- Our PBIS Committee met last week and we reviewed the data for our school since September 5. It is apparent by the data that the majority of office referrals are either for HANDS ON violence to solve problems when frustrated or DEFIANCE (saying no to reasonable teacher requests) As a staff and committee we will continue to assist your children in how to deal with these responses. At home, if you could also continue to guide your children by providing them alternatives to hitting when angry or frustrated and instead of saying no to a teacher/cea/administrator ensure your children know that it is okay to say "I just need a bit more time" so the adult can provide space to your child while they rethink their stance. Thanks for your help with these matters.

    MONDAY OCT. 23

    *SCHOOL LIBRARY DAY IN CANADA- we will be promoting reading and literacy and hope you will at home as well!



    *Plut/Patterson's classes to the Pumpkin Patch all day

    *Pierce's class has a presentation from the Brain Injury Association

    *Volleyball- Tier 1 boys at home and Tier 2 boys travel to KCS


    *6 TRU Practicum students are working in Storozak, Unsworth and Murray's classroom


    *LIFETOUCH PHOTO RETAKE DAY (please discuss with your child if you want them to have a retake. Sending a note in Gr. K-3 would be helpful so the teachers are informed of your desire to have the student re-photographed)

    *Pizza with the Principal Lunch for October

    *Fruit and Veggie/Milk Program- Baby Carrots

    *Marlatt and Murray's classes to the Pumpkin Patch

    *Hill and Gatien's classes to Gymnastics

    *Volleyball- Tier 1 Girls  at KSA/ Tier 2 Girls at LGES

    FRIDAY OCT. 27

    *OCTOBER RECOGNITION ASSEMBLY! This starts at 8:45 am. All students will be recognized at some point in the year! I am so excited to see them all at the front. All parents are welcome, but those students who are receiving awards will have been contacted by the teacher. Mrs. Pierce's class will be performing at the assembly!  Primary certificates are handed out first and then intermediate.

    *ART STARTS PERFORMANCE 1:05 GREEN THUMB THEATRE. What a great way to end our week by getting together for this performance on a Friday afternoon.

    *PUMPKIN CARVING EVENT for Gr. 1/2's. 6-7:30. The teacher will have notified you if they are taking part in this event.

    Coming up next week:

    Virtue of Cleanliness

    SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR HAPPENING IN THE LIBRARY Oct. 31-Nov. 3! We are so excited. What a great opportunity to get some reading materials for your children, even Christmas gifts, and support our school library.

    Monday Oct. 30- Storozak and Tanner/Powrie's class to the Pumpkin Patch

    Tues. Oct.31- HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Black and Orange Day! K's Costume Parade for the school, Klassen and Rymer's class to Falcon Lanes, November Newsletter will be coming home, Volleyball- Tier 1 Boys at MSES, Tier 2 Boys at Juniper

    Wed. Nov. 1- Halloween Candy stays at home and is enjoyed at 2:45 pm, PTC FAST.COM goes live for parents to sign up for Parent Teacher interviews. Please note that each classroom teacher may have differing times based on their availability or differing formats for their interviews. Also, please note that it is not mandatory you meet with the teacher if you feel your child is happy and thriving, but parents always have a right to be informed and parents can contact the teacher at any time. We have set aside Nov. 8/9 as our Parent Teacher Dates, but just email your child's teacher if that is not going to work for you.  PURDY'S ORDERS come home to parents.

    Thurs. Nov. 2 - Gymnastics for Hill, Gatien and Marlatt/ Volleyball Tier 1 Girls at Juniper, Tier 2 Girls at OLPH

    Fri. Nov. 3- Juniper RIdge Spirit Wear orders due via Munch a Lunch, PAC HOT LUNCH DAY- SWISS CHALET- we will all eat at 12:05 and all play from 12:20-1:00 on this day.  TIER 1 GIRLS TO TRU FOR TOURNAMENT at 12:15/ TRU NURSES observing in our K classes/ Hill and Gatien's class SKATING at Valleyview arena (please send your child's booster seat)

    Lastly parents, I am hoping to organize CHOICE DAYS for CHILDREN during the winter months. In the November Newsletter you will find more information and a sign up form you can return. If you are willing to volunteer an hour once a week(or more!) to run one of the clubs or opportunities for kids I would love to hear from you. Some of the clubs I would like to offer students are: Crib Club, Doodle Club, Building Club, Lego Club, Reading Club, Intramurals, Knitting/Crotchet Club, Board Games Club etc...

    While I appreciate many will want to go outside to sled, that is great and I will still have supervision outside, but for many students lunch time is a long time and many stand out in the cold not engaged or enjoying their time. The Redesigned Curriculum and mandate is to offer children choices with their learning and in this case, their free time.  I am hopeful parents will be interested in supervising for me.

    Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful children tomorrow morning at 8:20.


    Mrs. Carol DeFehr (One exceptionally proud principal to all your excellent children)

    Picture of Carol Defehr
    Juniper Parent's Weekly Update: Oct. 16-20, 2017
    by Carol Defehr - Sunday, 15 October 2017, 10:51 AM

    Hi Parents,

    Good morning! I hope you had a lovely weekend with your children. Here are the updates for this week and a glance at the following week as well.


    Thanks for reminding your children to keep hands and feet to self. Please encourage your child to use WITS (walk away, ignore, talk it out or seek help) as strategies for dealing with conflict. Also, our bathrooms have been targeted with vandalism lately and I am asking all parents to review with their children what their ONE and ONLY job is when in that facility in our school. Thanks for sending a consistent messge at home and we will at school as well that bathrooms are not a place for misconduct or mischief.

    VOLLEYBALL SEASON Begins Tuesday! Could all volleyball players please return their permission forms on Monday please.

    FSA's continue for our Gr. 4 and 7 students. Please send your child to school on time and well rested.

    LAST WEEK TO ORDER your JUNIPER RIDGE SOCKS! Orders are due back October 23.

    PAC UPDATE: The OCTOBER PAC MEETING is MONDAY OCTOBER 16 in the Library at 6 pm. Childminding is available and we would love to see as many parents as possible join us. We have lots to discuss and as principal I give a report at the meeting as well.   JUNIPER RIDGE CLOTHING ORDERS are available using the MUNCH A LUNCH link the PAC have set up on the JUNIPER RIDGE WEBSITE. Hansport dropped off sample sizes of the clothing items and they are on display in the office should you want to bring your child by to try on an item before purchasing.  We will do Spirit Days on Fridays once the clothing comes in so the more grey, black and burgandy the better. Please take note that the PAC will be doing their PAC CRAFT FAIR on Sat. December 2- please mark the date to join in the event and support this initiative. Thanks PAC for organizing our PIZZA LUNCH coming up this Thursday too! Kids love it and so do the teachers!

    DRESS for THE WEATHER- Please ensure your children are dressed to be outside for recess and lunch play periods. Time to get the hats, mitts and winter coats out for sure.

    STICKER MACHINE! - Thanks so much for all your support! $1 and the school benefits from every sticker sold. New stickers were put in the machine on Friday.


    Monday Oct. 16- COME READ WITH ME EVENT. Looking forward to spending the morning with our Gr. 1 parents who will be learning about strategies to support their chidlren with reading. This starts at 8:30 and goes until recess. Parents will join their child in their classroom for games and reading time.

    PAC Meetinging 6:00 pm

    Tuesday Oct. 17- Pizza with the Principal forms due. Please print from the October newsletter and send in with your children.

    VOLLEYBALL- Tier 1 Boys travel to Barriere by Bus with Mrs. Unsworth. Tier 2 Boys travel to  Pac Way with Mrs. Klassen.

    Wednesday Oct. 18- Storzak and Powrie/Tanner's class to the Wildlife Park 9:20-12:05

    We also have 6 Teacher Candidates starting at our school from TRU. They will be a part of our professional learning community until Nov. 29. They will be at our school on Wednesdays. Thanks to Mrs. Storozak,  Mrs. Unsworth and Mrs. Murray for opening up their classrooms for these up and coming new educators.

    Thursday Oct. 19- BC EARTHQUAKE SHAKEOUT DRILL at 10:00 am. Teachers will prepare the children for this emergency preparedness response.

    PAC PIZZA LUNCH! 12:05 all classes will eat their lunches. At 12:20 all children will be oustside playing until 1:00.

    VOLLEYBALL- Tier 1 Girls travel to Brock with Mrs. Grimm. TIer 2 Girls travel to OLPH with Mrs. Humphrey

    Friday Oct. 20- DISTRICT NON INSTRUCTIONAL DAY. The staff at Juniper will be at the school getting a professional learning session on MIND UP. Mindfulness education is paramount for social emotional learning and I am pleased my staff wants to dive deeper into this topic.

    Next week at JUNIPER RIDGE:

    Virtue of Self Confidence

    Monday October 23- SCHOOL LIBRARY DAY IN CANADA- We will be a participating school in the district that promotes reading and literacy on this day/ SOCK ORDERS DUE to the OFFICE

    Tuesday October 24- Plut/Patterson to the Pumpkin Patch/ Tier 1 boys volleyball @ Juniper, Tier 2 boys travel to KCS

    Wednesday October 25-  no school wide events

    Thursday October 26- LIFETOUCH PHOTO RETAKES/ Pizza with the Principal Lunch/ Fruit and Veggie Program- carrots/ Gymnastics for Hill and Gatien's classes/ Marlatt and Murray's classes to the Pumpkin Patch/ Tier 1 girls  at KSA for volleyball and TIer 2 girls travel to LGES.

    Friday October 27- RECOGNITION ASSEMBLY 8:45 am. All parents welcome./ ART STARTS- GREEN THUMB THEATRE 1:00/ PUMPKIN CARVING EVENT for 1/2 classes participating 6 pm

    Thanks everyone!


    Mrs. DeFehr (Proud principal to 432 exceptional human beings and all their outstanding parents)

    Picture of Carol Defehr
    by Carol Defehr - Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 9:56 PM


    SPIRIT WEAR ORDERS are now ready!

    Order sheets will come home Oct. 11 and parents can make their purchases using the MUNCH  A LUNCH hyperlink on the left hand side of the website.

    They make great Christmas presents!

    A reminder that EVERY FRIDAY your child can wear their new swag with pride!


    Mrs. DeFehr