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Drinking Water in SD#73

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Drinking Water in SD#73
by Michael Bowden - Tuesday, 13 June 2017, 6:13 PM

Last year, B.C.’s Ministry of Education directed all school districts to test their schools and facilities for lead in water. This is after elevated levels of lead were discovered in the drinking water systems of some B.C.schools.

School District No. 73 (Kamloops/Thompson) has completed initial testing of its schools and district facilities. The results show that in some local schools, levels of lead in the water are slightly above standards set by Health Canada.

Further testing has shown that running the water for one minute (flushing) reduces all lead levels to well within acceptable limits. As a result, SD 73 will implement a daily flushing program in all of its schools and facilities before they open for the day.

Water fountains and taps that commonly provide drinking water will be flushed for one minute, starting immediately. Records will be kept by each school. Any taps (such as bathroom taps) which are not part of the flushing program will soon have signage posted nearby indicating that they are not to be used for drinking water.

The school district will continue with an annual testing protocol as per Ministry of Education requirements to ensure the water in schools and facilities is safe to drink. If you have specific questions about the testing at your child’s school, please contact the office.

Further information is provided in the attachment or in the General Information folder.