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by Carol Defehr - Saturday, 9 September 2017, 11:12 AM


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A WONDERFUL FIRST WEEK with your AMAZING CHILDREN! I appreciate your patience with me being new and learning names and systems in the school.

Please know that each weekend I will be sending you an update so you are prepared for the week and will be reminded about any upcoming events. I will also post this same message to the website so that you can have access to it should someone not receive the email.

Our VIRTUE FOR THIS WEEK: The Virtue of RESPECT. Every day on the announcements I will discuss this virtue and attributes about being respectful. Please feel free to follow up at home using respect as your word of the week.

Please remember to send inside shoes(all) and gymstrip(for intermediate) as per directions from classroom teachers. Having a specific book bag for library books is always appreciated by Mrs. Gorman and Mrs. McBurnie. We also always need boxes of kleenex! If you are out and about shopping and want to donate kleenex I know every teacher will gladly welcome it.

Thank you for your patience with the AIR QUALITY- a 7 or higher and we are mandated to stay inside.

Please remember that there is no parking on the school side of Nechako Drive. I know this is putting pressure on parking, but the signs are clearly marked and we ask that in the name of safety, not convenience you refrain from parking there.

PARENTS OF OUR K's and NEW STUDENTS TO JUNIPER- you will be receiving an email from the School District on Monday September 11. IT IS CRITICAL YOU RESPOND TO THE EMAIL AND THE REQUEST MADE for our SAFE ARRIVAL PROGRAM.

All other parents, please know that SAFE ARRIVAL will begin once all our K parents have registered with the system. Our goal is for Tuesday Sept. 19 to be LIVE with Safe Arrival where parents will call into the School Connects System as outlined in the September newsletter. For this week parents please just call Mrs. Decker  if your child will be absent or late.

THE STICKER MACHINE is filled with novelty and JUNIPER RIDGE LOGO STICKERS! It was so neat to see some of  the kids purchasing them this week. They are $1 if your child is asking. The proceeds come to the school.

CRIMINAL RECORD CHECKS- Any parents or community volunteers/coaches  that will be working with our Juniper Students MUST have an updated Criminal record check. To complete it please visit our Juniper Website and you will see a picture on the left hand side of the website near the top. Please click on that icon. You will then need to enter the following access code for our school: XPCXTLUGG7  (Any questions please call Mrs. Decker and she would be happy to help)

PARENTS of our ABORIGINAL STUDENTS- you will be receiving a consent letter on Monday. Please sign and return as soon as possible. This allows us to provide services and programs for your child.

We are still in need of another coach for our TIER 2 GIRLS Volleyball team. We have one person interested but due to other commitments can not always be there. If you have a daughter in Gr. 5 or 6 and you think you can help please contact Anne Grimm

SCHOOL SUPPLIES FEES/ALL FORMS came home this past week- PLEASE SEND PAYMENT as soon as possible. We are requesting all families be paid for these fees by Friday Sept. 29. Should you need a payment plan where for financial reasons you need to pay in reasonable chunks, please contact Mrs. Decker.

PIZZA with the PRINCIPAL FORMS for a chance to have lunch with me are due FRIDAY SEPT. 15. Thanks to all that have entered so far!


Monday Sept. 11- We will be organizing for our Cross Country Run Team. Please talk to your children about this Fall athletic opportunity.

Our staff have Anaphylaxis Training/STAFF MEETING Monday afterschool. Please refrain from staying to chat with the teachers on Monday so they can make their way to the this mandatory training with me. Thanks for understanding!

Tuesday Sept. 12- OUR FIRST PAC MEETING OF THE YEAR! ALL PARENTS ARE WELCOME! Childminding is available and we look forward to seeing many new faces. 6 pm in the LIBRARY. See you then!

PLEASE support the PAC's first Fundraiser this year which is the GREAT LITTLE COUPON BOOK!  The funds raised come back to the children and we have lots of big ideas to make Juniper great this year with any funding we aquire through the sales  of the coupon books.

THE PAC WELCOME BACK BBQ is fast approaching as well on Thurs. Sept. 21- we will need lots of volunteers to make this a great event! Please come to the PAC Meeting to help or sign up on the PAC website.

Wednesday Sept. 13- Please prepare your chidlren for the second FIREDRILL of the year. This will occur at approximately 1:30 pm.  OUR KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS START FULL DAYS! We can't wait to see them every day all day!

Thursday Sept. 14- No school wide reminders

Friday Sept. 15- Pizza with the Principal forms due. Winners will be announced on Monday over the announcements and will come home with an invitation from me for parents to sign.

Coming up next week:

Virtue of Assertiveness

Tuesday Sept. 19- OLPH Cross Country Run

Wednesday Sept. 20- Our first LOCKDOWN DRILL 9:30 am - Constable Meikle will be present

Thursday Sept. 21- PAC Welcome Back BBQ!


Thanks Everyone,

Mrs. DeFehr (One extremely proud principal of Juniper Ridge Elementary)