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Parent's Weekly Update Sept. 25-29, 2017

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Parent's Weekly Update Sept. 25-29, 2017
by Carol Defehr - Saturday, 23 September 2017, 10:34 AM

Happy Last Week of September!

Parents, below are the reminders for this week and a glance at the following week as well. I also post these messages to the Juniper Ridge website should you need to reference them at a later date.

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Virtue of the Week: SELF DISCIPLINE

Some general reminders:

PAC FUNDRAISER- GREAT LITTLE COUPON BOOK FUNDRAISER wraps up Friday. Please support our school by selling some coupon books and returning your envelopes. All proceeds come back to our kids and the PAC is generating a list from staff of items our kids need in their classrooms.

CHAPTERS/INDIGO ADOPT A SCHOOL CAMPAIGN runs until OCT. 8. 74/433 books have been donated by families at our school! THANK YOU! If  you can donate please go to and search for Juniper and make a donation. You can even just share a story(small paragraph) and we could get books from you doing that!  Please support Literacy, our Library and our Learners!

RAISE A READER CITY WIDE FUNDRAISER FOR LITERACY IS TUES. SEPT. 26- Mrs. Gorman, Mrs. Hoffer and Mrs. Lloyd will be outside collecting donations for this great cause! Please bring some change or send your child with a donation!

CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK- We were experiencing some difficulty with the server but all is resolved. To complete your Criminal Record Check if you plan to work with our students in any capacity please go to the Juniper Ridge Website and on the left hand side find the CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK icon. Click on that. Our new access code is QLFL9AE2MC

PARENT VISITORS AT RECESS AND LUNCH- Please note that the only adults on our fields and playground area at recess and lunch are to be our designated CEA's or NOON HOUR SUPERVISORS in safety vests. We are asking that all other parents come into the school and sign in as visitors as district protocol is such and we will then have your children paged to meet you at the office. We are asking that parents do not wander over to check on their children outside as adults that are not on our roster to supervise can cause staff concern as we do not know who every parent is and want to ensure the safety of our children and that they are supervised by those the Principal is aware of. By all means you may have a visit with your children inside the campus or sign them out and take them home for lunch should you wish to see them for the lunch hour.

TERM I OVERVIEWS are being prepared by classroom teachers. Parents can expect to receive notificiation on or before October 6 regarding the Term I Learning Outcomes. By receiving these in advance you will be able to support your child prior to the report card. Some teachers may email it home and some will post on their weebly site and advise you when they have done so.

DISCIPLINE at JUNIPER- Many parents were not at the first assembly on September 5 where I outlined the use of verbal warnings, Action Plans and Office Referral Forms. Please know my staff will give every child every chance to fix their mistakes. We as a staff will give up to three warnings for inappropriate behaviour that we feel a child can correct with redirection. If they still do not change their behaviour they may be issued a ROARS ACTION PLAN. The Action Plan is a way to document an incident your child was involved in and we work hard to focus on the plan to fix the mistake so it doesn't occur again. I am all about giving children chances so your child can get three action plans without getting a consequence- the action plan is like the consequence and you will sign that and know what has happened. If a child is consistently testing or making poor choices, they are violent with intent to harm seriously or use language that is not acceptable  then an OFFICE REFERRAL FORM is sent home. These forms are then entered into our CONDUCT TAB in MYEDBC and it can stay on your child's permanent record. Some cases are serious enough that we need to track the data in order to ensure the child is being supported. If you have any questions about this structure of documentation please don't hesistate to ask. With 433 students we need to have these forms for record keeping and planning for childrens' success at school.

THE OCTOBER NEWSLETTER will come home via email this Friday so you will be all set for the month ahead as we finish our first month of school.

OUR TERRY FOX RUN IS THURS. SEPT. 28- Please send your child with their TWOONIE(or more) FOR TERRY! Mrs. Swift's class is organizing this for us and we would really like to make a wonderful donation to the cause.

ANY STUDENTS INTERESTED IN VOLLEYBALL in Gr. 4/5 will be asked to meet with Mrs. Grimm. Her husband Chad Grimm, the TRU Volleyball Coach, will be doing Wednesday clinics for our students. Tell your Gr. 4/5 child to listen to announcements as they have a sign up Monday with Mrs. Grimm. The Clinic will be Wednesday Mornings at 7:30 am.


Monday Sept. 25- FIREDRILL #3 (approx. 1:30)

                         -PLUT/PATTERSON's CLASSES to DAVISON ORCHARD for the day

Tuesday Sept. 26- RAISE A READER MORNING! 8-8:30 Send a donation

                         -LIFETOUCH PHOTO DAY- all children are photographed/ parents can choose to purchase packages, but the school needs all children photographed for our MYEDBC Database

                        -PIZZA WITH THE PRINCIPAL lunch for the 4 lucky September winners! Be sure to enter in October!

                       -CROSS COUNRTY RUN TEAM travels to RLC for the CLIFF WEATHERMON RUN

Wednesday Sept. 27- LOCKDOWN DRILL #2

                              -Gr. 1 Parents will be sent home their invitation for COME READ WITH ME Event. Please RSVP by October 10th.

Thursday Sept. 28- TERRY FOX RUN - Primary 9:45/Intermediate 11:30 (Parents are welcome to come cheer us all on!) Please send in a donation to the classroom teacher to collect this week.

Friday Sept. 29- PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD IN ORANGE! It is ORANGE SHIRT DAY- where #everychildmatters is the focus and we take time to honor Aboriginal history and residential schools.

Our first ART STARTS PERFORMANCE is Friday- we welcome UZUME TAIKO who will do drumming at different times of the day with all our classes.

ALL SCHOOL FEES AND FORMS ARE DUE BY SEPT. 29. If payment is an issue please see Mrs. Decker in the office.

ALL ABORIGINAL CONSENT LETTERS MUST BE RETURNED. Parents will be getting reminder calls starting on Monday. We need these letters back for our 1701 counts with the MINISTRY of EDUCATION. Thanks for your help.


Virtue of the Week: CARING

FSA ORIENTATION BEGINS FOR GR. 4 and 7 students- letters came home this week to explain

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS WEEK! Plan for your child to do something unexpected for someone!

Thursday Oct. 5 is FRUIT AND VEGGIE PROGRAM where MINI CUCUMBERS will be delivered!  It is also the ASES CROSS COUNTRY RUN at Westsyde Centennial Park.

Thanks Parents for all your support! What a great community!


Mrs. DeFehr (One Proud Principal to 433 amazing kids!)