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Parent's Weekly Update: Nov. 6-10th, 2017

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Parent's Weekly Update: Nov. 6-10th, 2017
by Carol Defehr - Sunday, 5 November 2017, 10:48 AM

Hi Parents,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Happy Time Change! Please find below the updates for this week and a glance at the following week as well for your planning.


SCHOOL FUNDRAISER- PURDY's - please return all orders by November 20th

PARENT CHOICE DAY INPUT FORMS- please return by Friday Nov. 6th. This was in the November newsletter- should you want to support activities for the noon hour. Volunteers are needed.

PIZZA WITH THE PRINCPAL FORMS- again, this is always at the end of the newsletter. Please print and enter your child for a chance to have lunch with me this month. I choose 4 kids each month and they really do enjoy it.

WINTER IS HERE! Please ensure your children have a winter jacket, snowpants, a hat and gloves(gloves that resist the snow/windproof not woven variations). BOOTS are a must.  It would also be good to send an extra pair of socks with your children daily. We remove our boots at the door, but there is the odd puddle when 433 kids are doing this!

If your child wants to sled we ask that they bring only FOAM sliders or CRAZY CARPETS. Please mark their name on these and please know these DO NOT come into school. They are to stand in the bike racks or along the side of the entrances.  We will be discouraging children to sled in their snowpants as we already have sections down to the grass and I do worry your child's expensive snowpants will come home with rips if they sled on their knees in them. Please talk to your children about this.

SLEDDING AND SNOW EXPECTATIONS were reviewed with EVERY CLASS at Juniper. There is no excuse for any student not to know where they can sled and how and also what they are permitted to do in the snow. Parents PLEASE remind your child that throwing snowballs on school property is not permitted. Like rocks, the children have been asked to leave the snow on the ground. In the name of safety for all- please stress to your child that throwing snow will result in a consequence. The Virtue of Self Discipline and impulse control will need to be exercised by our students. I know they can do it! Pushing and shoving other students in the snow will not be tolerated so please remind your child that hands off is needed even though tempting.

PARENT TEACHERS INTERVIEWS THIS WEEK! November 8 and 9 are our parent teacher interviews. You were sent an email Nov. 1 with times your child's teacher was available through PTCFAST.COM. If you feel it is necessary to meet please make sure you have signed up  by Tuesday Nov. 7 at 2:30 pm. We will be printing off our master lists after that time.

EARLY CLOSURE- THURSDAY NOVEMBER 9th. 12:30 DISMISSAL. Please have arrangements made for your children to walk home or be picked up by daycare.

FRIDAY IS OUR REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE- 9 am. All parents are welcome. We do have presentations by Mrs. Swift's class, Mrs. Storozak's class and Miss Head's class. Please send a poppy donation and dress your child in red or black. This is a serious assembly and we will be reminding children that there will be no clapping. We have many honored guests as well that we will be welcoming. 2 children from each class will be nominated as wreath layers so be sure to ask your child if they are selected this week.

COLOR GUARD- if your child is in Sparks, Brownies, Cubs, Beavers, Scouts or Guides or Cadets and want to be a part of the COLOR GUARD for the assembly please ask them to come to a meeting tomorrow Nov. 6 at RECESS with Mrs. DeFehr.

PAC NOVEMBER MEETING is MON. NOV. 6 at 6 pm in the library. ALL PARENTS ARE PART OF THE PAC and are welcomed to the meeting to hear the discussion and have a voice. Childminding is provided.  PAC POINSETTIA FUNDRAISER is happening now! Thanks for supporting and sending your orders in by Fri. Nov. 17th.

VOLLEYBALL THIS WEEK: Tuesday Nov. 7- Tier 1 Boys at LGES/Tier 2 Boys at KCS   Thursday Nov. 9- Tier 1 Girls at KSA/Tier 2 Girls at DT/ Volleyball Clinic Nov. 8 at 7:30 am for Gr. 4/5 with Mr and Mrs Grimm   On Friday Tier 2 Girls go to OLPH at noon for their Tournament.

SPORT WHEELCHAIRS arrive this week for our PE classes. We will be borrowing the chairs until November 22

GYMNASTICS- On Thursday Nov. 9 students in Mrs. Hill/Gatien and Marlatt's classes head to TCC

SKATING- On Friday Nov. 10 students in Mrs. Rein/Stockermans' and Mrs. Grimm's classes head to Valleyview arena at 1:00

Thanks to Mrs. Swift's class that does the FRUIT AND VEGGIE PROGRAM for our school. On Thursday this week SPARTAN APPLES will be discussed and distributed to the children.

Just a friendly reminder that AT NO TIME are parents permitted to park in our STAFF PARKING LOT. We barely have enough spots for staff with the increase in our population. Thanks for using the city streets around the school. A reminder also that now that the cold weather has arrived the ANTI IDLING SCHOOL DISTRICT CAMPAIGN is stronger than ever. Your vehicle should not be idling in close proximity to our children's young lungs. I know that is extremely hard as you want to stay warm in your vehicle or have your vehicle warm for your child, but please be considerate of our neighbours and the children at Juniper with the exhaust fumes. Best to come right for the 8:20 bell for drop off and come right at 2:30 dismissal. A reminder there is no supervision for students prior to 8:20 am and at 2:30 pm we release to parents and daycares and children should be heading right home to be in the care of adults.



Mon. Nov. 13- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS. Juniper Ridge is closed for Remembrance Day Sat. Nov. 11

Tues. Nov. 14- Pizza with the Principal Forms due/ Volleyball Tier 1 Boys at S.Sahali/Tier 2 Boys at ASES

Thurs. Nov. 16- Gr. 6 Immunizations. Gymnastics for Hill, Gatien and Marlatt's classes/ Volleyball Tier 1 Girls at Aberdeen/Tier 2 Girls at Juniper

Fri. Nov. 17- PAC HOT LUNCH- Senor Froggies! Thanks PAC! We will all eat at 12:05 and then play all together.  PAC POINSETTIA ORDERS DUE.

Thanks everyone!


Mrs. DeFehr (One Proud Principal to 433 Creative and Critical Thinkers K-7)