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Parent's Weekly Update Nov. 20-24, 2017

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Parent's Weekly Update Nov. 20-24, 2017
by Carol Defehr - Saturday, 18 November 2017, 11:32 AM

Hello Parents of Juniper Ridge,

I hope your weekend is going well so far! Please find your updates for the coming week and as always I have added a glance at the following week as well. Please follow us on Instagram @juniperridgeelementary  and on Twitter @juniperridge73 to further share in our journey of learning.



Thank you to all that supported the PAC POINSETTIA FUNDRAISER! The plants will be delivered on Tues. Nov. 28 and will need to be picked up that day from our detached annex portable in the afternoon.

Monday Nov. 20 is the last day of our SCHOOL PURDY's FUNDRAISER-please be sure to send your orders in on Monday with payment.

ART CARD samples went home to families this past week. They are so wonderful! Parents, you can order online by Sunday Nov. 26th and ensure that Mrs. Decker has your payment by Monday Nov. 27.

Thank you Juniper Ridge Elementary- we were able to send the Royal Canadian Legion $230.65 for a donation for the poppies they sent to our school. Thank you for being so giving.

BE A HUNGER HERO campaign is the next cause our Leadership students, staff and school poplulation will be focused on in December. Community involvement is integral to children gaining a broader perspective. Please join us in December by sending in food items so that our school can collect the most food and win a pizza party for all 433 kids!

STICKER MACHINE!- Just a reminder that the Sticker Machine is a fundraiser for our school as well. $1.00 for each sticker and proceeds return to the school. Many children are loving collecting them all and are saving them on reading folders and agendas. Thanks for your support of the sticker machine.

INSIDE SHOES NEEDED- Please be sure to send your children in their warm boots for recess and lunch play. However, with that, we need the children to ALWAYS have footwear on. Many are wearing socks and this is a concern because our floors are very slippery and  second if we have to evacuate your children will be outside in their socks. Thanks for helping us ensure your children have inside shoes.

ATTENDANCE- Parents, please be mindful of your child's attendance. So much of the ReDesigned Curriculum is not work a teacher can just 'send home' if a child is absent. Teacher lessons and collaboration is critical. If students miss too much school it is detrimental to their learning. Of course if your child is extremely ill they do need to stay home. That said, parents please be accutely aware of other signs in your child if they are 'not feeling well.' We ask that you do your very best to send your children to us each day and if they are constantly not wanting to attend, there is likely a bigger issue we as a school team need to talk to you about. In the coming weeks teachers are gathering final assessments for the term and your child's attendance is extremely important.

Last week I was at a two day conference on Violent Risk Assessment. It was extremely eye opening to me about school violence, social media and video games. This past week we did have children discussing the video game "Halo." Parents of children that video game- I am asking that you pay very close attention to the games you allow your child access to. Many are rated 19+ for good reason. Parents a great site for you to visit is  What a great site this is for parents and educators. The presenter also made it very clear that we need to check our children's phones, device history and bedrooms often.

Mon. Nov. 20- Purdy's Orders Due

Tues. Nov. 21- Sports Hall of Fame Olympian Presentation with our Gr. 4-7 classes at 9:10 am

                   - Constable Dustin Meikle doing a Crime Study with our Gr. 4/5's in Mr. Richard's class

                  - Volleyball PlayOffs- Tier 1 boys at Pac Way, Tier 2 Boys at OLPH

Wed. Nov. 22- Richard, Swift, Grimm/Cowan and Unsworth's classes to TCC for the Olympic Winter Games event

Thurs. Nov. 23- Gymnastics for Marlatt, Gatien and Hill's classes

                    -Volleyball PlayOffs- Tier 1 girls at Pac Way, Tier 2 Girls at Rayleigh

Fri. Nov. 24- Kindergarten Vision Screening

                 -Volleyball at lunch- TIER 1 BOYS VS. STAFF

Sat. Nov. 25- Santa Claus comes to town! Santa Parade downtown- Enjoy if attending

Next Week:

Virtue of Excellence

Mon. Nov. 27- Art Card payment due to Mrs. Decker

                   - PAC CHAPTERS BOOK STORE EVENT! Please head to Chapters and make your xmas purchases or just get some great stuff which helps support our school and this PAC fundraiser

Tues. Nov. 28- Pizza with the Principal Lunch

                   -TIER 1 GIRLS VS. STAFF Volleyball

                   -POINSETTIA's ARRIVE- need to be picked up on this day! We have nowhere to store forgotten plants!

                   -Miss Head's class to JUMP 260 and BOLD PIZZA

Wed. Nov. 29- NOVEMBER RECOGNITION ASSEMBLY 8:45 (Head, Rein/Stockermans and Murray's classes will be performing together. Mr. Richard's class will also be performing)


                      -Fruit and Veggie Program- Pears


A REMINDER WE WILL BE HOSTING THE MOTHER GOOSE PROGRAM in JANUARY on Thursdays from 3-4 in our library. I have attached the flyer again to this email.

Fri. Dec. 1- Decorate your classroom door begins/ Be a Hunger Hero begins- bring in food items!

Sat. Dec. 2- PAC CRAFT FAIR 10-2! Mrs. Swift and her class will also be present with their famous BAKE SALE! Come support the PAC and our students!

*JUNIPER RIDGE CHRISTMAS CONCERT DATES are posted on the website. Please note when parents and family may attend and which concert times are for staff and students only. We can't wait to show you our talent!

Thanks everyone,


Mrs. DeFehr (One Proud Principal to 433 STELLAR HUMAN BEINGS! Thank you parents for sending your delightful children to us each and every day)