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Juniper Parents Weekly Update Jan. 22-26, 2018

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Juniper Parents Weekly Update Jan. 22-26, 2018
by Carol Defehr - Saturday, 20 January 2018, 10:16 AM

Hi Parents/Guardians,

Please find below all the reminders you will need for our exciting week at school and a glance at the following for your planning. HAPPY UNPLUG AND PLAY WEEK! HAPPY LITERACY WEEK!

VIRTUE OF THE WEEK: TACT  (oh this is such a good one for kids to learn! They are so blunt sometimes that learning tact will save them from hurting a bunch of people's feelings!)

A reminder that Mrs. Decker is absent in the office again this week- Mrs. Valerie Cadoret is our replacement.

LITERACY! LITERACY! LITERACY~! That is our focus this week at JRES! (and all over the district) Attached to this email is the TIPSHEET for parents  to limit SCREEN TIME at home, not only this week, but in general.  It is UNPLUG AND PLAY WEEK- we have 12/19 classes participating in this challenge. They have booklets to record their successful week! Please support your child if participating by reading, playing board games and getting them active rather than screen time choices.

HEAP THE HONDA! Thank you for sending in your books! Keep them coming this week so we can get the final total and send them to the committee for redistribution. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SUPPORT! Thank you.

We will have LITERACY TRIVIA each day on announcements and have 10 PRIZES ready for Friday to give away! Thursday is LITERACY DAY where teachers will plan meaningful literacy lessons for a great portion of your child's day! We will do a Drop Everything and Read Event too and surprise the children. FRIDAY is Dress as Your Favourite Book Character! The children need to also bring the book that goes along with their outfit to show their class. Parents- this is not Halloween in January- so please steer your child away from a 'costume' per say....they need to be a character with the supporting literature.  It will be a fun week!

PAC UPDATE- Our PAC has changed their email to a GMAIL ACCOUNT. Could you please make note that the new email address for our PAC is

The sidewalks are slippery in our community. Please talk to your children about their safety during this thaw and freeze unstable time. The school, the School District, the PAC and the Community Association are all working together to ensure that our kids' and parents safety are a priority. As drivers, please SLOW DOWN in and around the school and the peak times when children are en route to school or home.

BASKETBALL UPDATE: Our Basketball League starts Tuesday for Boys and Thursday for Girls! The practice schedule was sent to parents in a package last week. ALL FORMS and FEES are now outstanding and must be returned Monday to be eligible to play. TIER 1 BOYS play at Brock, TIER 2 (1) play at Dufferin, TIER 2(2) play at home vs. WESTMOUNT. Girls on Thursday- TIER 1 girls are at home vs. Brock, TIER 2 Girls travel to Kay Bingham. 

TIER 2 (2) BOYS coached by TASHA/DEB will be having a CUPCAKE SALE on TUESDAY JAN. 30 as a FUNDRAISER for their team!  Cupcakes will be sold just before snack time and are $1. Thanks for supporting our boys!

TIER 1 GIRLS have a tournament at BROCK MIDDLE this weekend. The schedule will be sent home Monday. Parents of the girls can plan ahead- they play Friday Jan. 26 at 4 pm. They also play Sat. Jan. 27 at 10 am.

We are excited to tell parents that some of our classes are getting support with Robotics and Coding this week! Edison Robots and Bluebots will be the focus and we have a tech mentor and the District Technology Coordinator coming to work with our teachers and students. 3 days of support for JRES! This is terrific.

Skating on Friday Jan. 26 is Storozak, Murray and Powrie/Tanner's classes at Valleyview at 1 pm.


February Newsletter will be coming home to parents via email. (MyEDBC was not functioning well when I tried to send January's so I am hoping they have corrected that problem!) It will be posted to the website as well to access.

Virtue of the Week: TOLERANCE  (another great virtue for us to expose children to- you may not like everyone in your class or their choices, but you must be tolerant of who they are as a person and work through those conflicts)

Monday Jan. 29- Stonehouse/Kreutzer's class to Big Little Science Centre for an ADST experience on PLUMBING! 9-11:30/  Marlatt's K class will be going to Save On for a Nutrition talk and tour 10-12 pm

Tuesday Jan. 30- TIER 2 (2) BOYS CUPCAKE SALE- send $1 ,  TIER 1 boys play at Summit, TIER 2(1) boys play at home vs. South Sahali, TIER 2 (2) play at Dallas.

Wednesday Jan. 31- JANUARY RECOGNITION ASSEMBLY! All parents welcome. 8:45 am start.

Thursday Feb. 1- TIER 1 Girls Basketball team plays at South Sahali and TIER 1 Girls at OLPH

Friday Feb. 2- Skating for Johnston, Richard, Swift's classes at Sandman 9:15 am

                      Skating for Murray, Klassen and Powrie/Tanner at VV 1:00


COMING UP IN FEBRUARY will be the MINISTRY STUDENT LEARNING SURVEY- ALL GR.(3)/ 4 and 7 STUDENTS will complete this with their teacher. All staff will be given a chance to complete the survey as well and SOON..... I will be asking that EVERY PARENT at JUNIPER take time to complete the survey too! NO CODE is NECESSARY- I will send you the link and you just go in and anonymously complete it! I would love your feedback being your new prinicpal. If I can be better, if our school can serve your children better, I need to know this. If we are doing lots right, then you can let us know that too! Thank you for taking the time to participate when the time comes.

Thanks Parents for sending us your outstanding children each day! Remember to follow us on Instagram @juniperridgeelementary  and on Twitter @juniperridge73


Mrs. DeFehr (one proud principal of 432 of Kamloops' finest learners and human beings!)