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Juniper Ridge Parent's Weekly Update Jan. 29-Feb. 2, 2018

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Juniper Ridge Parent's Weekly Update Jan. 29-Feb. 2, 2018
by Carol Defehr - Sunday, 28 January 2018, 10:31 AM

Hi Parents,

Another snowy day! Here are the updates for this week and a glance at the following week as well.


A REMINDER Kindergarten Registration is coming up for the 2018-2019 School Year on February 13th. K parents should know that we will be holding 4 SPARK Welcome To Kindergarten Sessions this year to transition children to Kindergarten. More information to come when you register.

THE FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER will be emailed to you this week with all the updates for the new month ahead. RETURN PIZZA with the PRINCIPAL forms by Feb. 14th.

The link to the MINISTRY STUDENT LEARNING SURVEY and instructions about how to complete that will also be coming to your inbox via email. I ask that parents take this opportunity to complete the survey so that as a school we can know how we are doing in supporting your child.

PARKING- Could I please ask that parents DO NOT ENTER the STAFF PARKING LOT. Please remind relatives picking up/dropping off that this is not an option. Also, there have been multiple complaints coming in that parents are parking in the BUS AREA drop off and this is not permitted either. A reminder that we don't block the staff parking lot entrance or neighbours driveways. BYLAW has been called and I do not want to see families getting tickets. It is about STUDENT SAFETY- not PARENT CONVENIENCE that the parking signs are posted. If it says no parking, it is because it is safer for visibility to see children. 

THE SNOW HAS RETURNED- please ensure your child has inside shoes and their proper winter boots to change out of when they arrive. We ask that all that enter our school remove their outside footwear and put on their clean inside shoes. Thanks parents for your help with this.

MONDAY JAN. 29- Stonehouse/Kreutzer's class to BLSC for ADST PLUMBING experience 9am, Marlett's K class to SAVE ON for 10 am. Our staff have a meeting at 2:45, please try to book appointments for another day.

TUES. JAN. 30- TIER 2 (2) Boys Basketball Team having a CUPCAKE SALE. Please send $1. Tier 1 Boys play at Summit, Tier 2(1) play at home vs. SS, Tier 2(2) play at Dallas. They will be excused from class if traveling at 2:10 so they can leave by 2:15 ish.

Mrs. DeFehr is out of the building Wed. Jan. 31 and Thurs. Feb. 1- please email me with any needs or concerns.

WED. JAN. 31- RECOGNITION ASSEMBLY 8:45 am (all parents welcome) , CULTURE CLUB begins with Mr. Laboucan our Aboriginal Educatuion Worker for K-3 (this will rotate to different classrooms so children need to listen to announcements to know where to go)

THURS. FEB. 1- Tier 1 Girls at South Sahali, Tier 2 Girls at OLPH (will be dismissed from class at 2:10 to get rides organized) Mother Goose Program in the library 3-4 pm

FRI. FEB. 2- GROUNDHOG DAY, GR. 4 BASKETBALL CLINIC 7:30 am, PAC HOT LUNCH DAY- HOT DOGS, MULTIPLICITY DAY SPIRIT DAY(kids can be a twin, triplet or dress the same with as many people as possible!) SKATING- Johnston, Swift, and Richard at Sandman 9:15, SKATING- Murray, Klassen  and Powrie/Tanner at VV 1:00, Culture Club for GR. 4-7 with Mr. Laboucan starts today!

Each Wednesday on the announcements Mr. Laboucan, our AEW, will sing the Welcome Song beginning this week.


Mon. Feb. 5- PAC MEETING 6 pm  in the library

Tues. Feb. 6- HARPER SKI DAY for Murray, Waters and Unsworth, TIER 1 Boys at DTES, TIER 2(1) boys at Rayleigh, TIER 2(2) boys at RLC

Wed. Feb. 7- Tech Mentor coming to work with Plut, Pierce and Swift's classes

Thurs. Feb. 8- SUPERINTENDENT ALISON SIDOW at Juniper Ridge from 9-11am, GRIMM and REIN at Harper Mountain, TIER 1 Girls at home vs. St. Ann's, TIER 2 Girls at Parkcrest, Mother Goose 3-4 pm

Friday Feb. 9- KSA PERFORMANCE 11:00 am, JUNIPER RIDGE ROTARY SPEECH CONTEST (Chair of the Board of Education Meghan Wade is a guest judge), SKATING- Swift, Plut, Sandhu and Stonehouse 1:00 VV, BOYS TIER 1 Basketball Tournament at Brock Middle


Thank you parents for sending us your remarkable children each week.


Mrs. DeFehr ( One Proud Principal to 432 Creative and Critical Thinkers)