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Parent's Weekly Update June 11-15, 2018

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Parent's Weekly Update June 11-15, 2018
by Carol Defehr - Saturday, 9 June 2018, 4:46 PM

Hi Parents,

Here are the updates for this week and a glance at the following week too! Only three more weeks left!

Virtue of the Week: ENTHUSIASM

Thank you for your patience with School Messenger and the Safe Arrival system. I think all the kinks are worked out now. I just want parents to know that this was a District initiative and really had nothing to do with Mrs. Decker or myself. I know some parents were extremely frustrated, but I want you to know that it was out of Bev or my hands. My thanks to all of you that were so patient and kind when you called in.

Please return any JUNIPER RIDGE JERSEYS you find in closets or drawers!

Please start to check the LOST AND FOUND! OH MY THERE ARE SO MANY HOODIES!  A reminder that after June 29th we send out all of this clothing to those in need.

The Book Fair was a huge sucess thank you for your support! We also appreciate the donations you gave for People in Motion this past week.

PAC MEETING is MONDAY JUNE 11th at 6 pm in the library. We hope you can make it as we enjoy new faces and your opinions on school operations. Childminding is available at every meeting. I will review class structures and staffing for next year.

Monday June 11- OUR GR.7's are off to EAGLE BAY for 2 nights and 3 days! OUR GR. 5's in Mrs. Stonehouse/Kreutzer's class are off to MCQUEEN LAKE for 2 nights and 3 days!  A reminder that Mrs. Storozak and Ms. Marlatt's classes go to Isobel Lake and Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Gatien's classes go to the WILDLIFE PARK. Some classes are going on a nature walk in the community with Trudi Neilsen our Aboriginal Resource teacher.

Tuesday June 12- A quiet day of learning at the school. No events planned.

Wednesday June 13- Gr. 5's and Gr. 7's return from the overnight trips. These students are dismissed upon arrival home (approximately noon). Please be prepared to pick up your children.  Rymer and Klassen's classes go to Gymnastics today,

Thursday June 14 is PAC HOT LUNCH DAY- Swiss Chalet. We all eat at 12:05 today. Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Gatien's classes go to Gymnastics.  Mrs. Grimm and Mrs. Rein's classes are at SHUMWAY LAKE all day.

On Friday June 15- please be sure to check your child's backpack or graciously accept the small thank you they give you today as a thanks for being such wonderful parents of Juniper Ridge. Mrs. Storozak's families are reminded of the Father's Day Celebration at 1:20 in her classroom today.


Virtue of the Week: Cooperation

Tuesday June 19- Mrs. Swift's class goes to a Celebration of Learning at HGEC and the TNRD Summer Reading Program ambassadors are at JRES to promote joining the Summer Reading Club for July and August.

Wed. June 20- K-2 students will participate in an Aboriginal Traditional Games session and we host Ecole LGES who will perform for us at 1:15.  A reminder that ALL LIBRARY BOOKS need to be returned hopefully by today- if not before!

Thurs. June 21- NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY- classes will be celebrating througout the school. WATERSLIDES TRIP for Richard, Unsworth, Murray and Waters classes. PAC HOT LUNCH is PIZZA today- we will all eat at 12:05.

Fri. June 22- is our RAINBOW DAY! Dress your child as bright as you can or in a rainbow shirt! This is our acceptance for all campagin. Classes will be learning about inclusion, diversity and acceptance. Ms. Plut and Mrs. Sandhu's classes go to Isobel Lake so they will do their Rainbow lessons on an alternate day.

Thank you parents!


Mrs. DeFehr (One extremely grateful principal  that Juniper Ridge is where I get to lead, learn and have some really good laughs!)