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Juniper Ridge PARENT WEEKLY UPDATE June 18-22, 2018

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Juniper Ridge PARENT WEEKLY UPDATE June 18-22, 2018
by Carol Defehr - Friday, 15 June 2018, 9:15 PM

Hi Parents,

Happy Father's Day Weekend to all the great male role models in the Juniper Ridge Community! Enjoy your day on Sunday.

I need to read report cards this weekend so you are getting the Weekly Update on a Friday night.  Enjoy!

I hope you received your Parent Thank you Card and Pen as a thank you from your children~ maybe check their backpack for it if you didn't! It is our way of thanking you parents for all your support in 2017-2018.

Please check the LOST AND FOUND! SO many great pieces of clothing. We have sorted it and made it more accessible to view.

If your child rides their scooter or bike to Juniper Ridge please remind them to dismount as they enter onto the school site-so the minute they leave the sidewalk and come into school proximity- they need to get off their scooter and bike. Similarly, at the end of the day- they are to WALK their scooter or bike and mount it when they reach the sidewalk. This has been extremely challenging and some children are endangering others. Parents feel free to help me out and ask kids to get off if you see them breaking this expectation.

Thank you to the PAC! All your fundraising parents has been so appreciated this year! The PAC approved and has paid for at their meeting Mon. June 11: 36 Chromebooks, 8 ipads with cases and cart, 50 stacking chairs on a trolley for school use, new high jump standards and bar for track and field and they paid for a Guest Speaker coming Nov. 20, 2018 to discuss Diversity and Inclusion! Thank you Parents of Juniper for all of this!

This Week at Juniper: Virtue of the Week: Cooperation


*Grade 7 Parents will get an Itinerary for the Gr. 7 Farewell at TRU June 27 home to you this week.

Mon. June 18- Trudi Nielsen will be doing Nature Walks with some classes

Tues. June 19- Mrs. Swift's Class at the Day of Celebration at the HGEC, the TNRD Summer Reading Program visits and promotes reading all summer! Please be sure to register your child for the program at the public library. I did this every summer with my daughter!

Wed. June 20- Primary Aborginal Traditional Games Morning! Mrs. Klassen and Ms. Rymer to Gymnastics, ECOLE LGES visits for 1:15 performance in the gym on Resiliency.

Thurs. June 21- NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY.  PAC PIZZA HOT LUNCH- we will all eat at 12:05. Waterslides trip for Richard, Waters, Unsworth and Murray's classes.

Fri. June 22- RAINBOW DAY! Dress as bright and colorful as you can! #acceptanceforall is our theme! Teachers will be doing specific lessons on inclusion on this day. Mrs. Plut and Mrs. Sandhu's classes to ISOBEL LAKE.

COMING UP NEXT WEEK! Last week of school! Hard to believe!

Send extra bag for your child to clean out their desk and their locker.

Mon. June 25- Mrs. Swift and Mrs. Johnston's classes to Brock Pool


Tues. June 26- Marion Schilling POW WOW- Richard, Swift, Johnston and Storozak's classes, PRIMARY FUN DAY K-3 10:30-12

Wed. June 27- PRINCE CHARLES PARK- Marlatt, Hill, Gatien, Plut, Sandhu/Patterson, Storozak 10:45

GRADE 7 MOVING ON CEREMONY at TRU 5:30 pm doors open

Thurs. June 28- TERM III REPORT CARDS home to parents, YEAR END ASSEMBLY 10:30 (early recess today- please send a snack) DISMISSAL AT 12:00.

Thank you parents!


Mrs. DeFehr (One shocked principal that the year is almost near the end! Time Flies!)