Numerous teachers, parents, volunteers and drivers work together to ensure students at our school are provided with a wide range of athletic activities. Thank you!

Basketball & Volleyball
Juniper Ridge Elem. encourages all students in grades 4 to 7 to participate in extracurricular sports. For each sport, we generally provide team experiences for an 'A' team, a 'B' team and grade 4 and 5 intramural or inter-school teams. We are fortunate to have teacher and parent coaches who voluntarily give their time, skills, and energy in order to provide students with an opportunity to play on a school team. Thank you to all of the coaches and parent drivers who helped make it work!

Most classes include a gymnastic component in their P.E. program. Some primary classes participate in a series of lessons at the Kamloops Gymnastics and Trampoline Club or K.A.T.T.S. gym to receive professional training.

Students are encouraged to participate in intramural games when they are offered. They often include the games of basketball, volleyball and flag football.

All classes go skating approximately three times each winter. Please note that all students are required to wear helmets for skating and helmets and face-masks for hockey. Hockey will be set up if we have enough parent volunteers. Extra skates are available at the school for children who might need them. Please contact your teacher ahead of time to try these on.

Our grade 6 and 7 students spend three days each winter at Sun Peaks, either learning to ski or snowboard, or polishing their skills.

We are lucky to have great sledding hills right on our school property. This is a popular activity at breaks and after school.

Grade three students participate in full sets of swim lessons each spring. Many other classes swim on an intermittent basis for extra recreation.

Tennis lessons are provided each June by the Kamloops Tennis Association, 758 Front Street. Students in grades three to seven learn the basics of the game.

Track and Field
While Track and Field is a competition between students, Juniper Ridge has adopted a program that challenges individuals to pit their abilities against preset criteria that take into account their gender and age. Students can measure their success by aspiring to certain levels of criteria as well as improving on their own PB's (Personal Best times or distances). At the school meet, students are awarded ribbons based on these criteria. Students with the highest levels of excellence in each event attend the Zone Meet and some go on to compete at the district meet as well.

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