Attendance Reporting


Juniper Ridge uses an automated SAFE ARRIVAL SYSTEM called SCHOOL MESSENGER. The new system handles parent contact (including phone calls) when a student absence is unexpected, and will allow parents to interact directly with the system in a variety of ways:

- by phone either when the system calls, or when a parent initiates a call to notify of upcoming absence - by internet through login controlled webpage interface

- by smartphone app (iOS and Android versions available for free)


Toll-free number to call: 1-844-350-2647

Website for parent access:


Parents use the above methods to report student absences rather than phoning the school at Juniper Ridge.  We ask that parents please report student absences before 8:30 am on the day of the absence, although the system also allows for reporting of student absences long in advance for holidays, trips, etc.  For tech-savvy parents, we encourage you to download the iOS or Android apps for free from their respective app stores.  To find the app, search for SCHOOL MESSENGER and install the free app.

Please always be sure to inform the teacher of your child’s absence as well so that they are aware of any sickness or trips planned and to plan for instruction missed.


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