Juniper Ridge Parent's Weekly Update

 February 18-22, 2019

Happy Long Weekend! Enjoy FAMILY DAY on Monday February 18, 2019 with your children.

The School District is holding two parent information sessions. One on March 5 and one on March 12. The flyers were emailed to parents.

 Congratulations to Miss Katie Head! Miss Head was the successful applicant for our Gr. 1 posting. She will be job sharing with Mrs. Sandhu while Mrs. Patterson is on leave. We now have 2 Miss Head's at our school! Miss Amy Head in Kindergarten and Miss Katie Head in Gr. 1. Yes- sisters!

GROWTH MINDSET FOCUS: A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS JUST A WISH. Thanks for setting goals with your children.

ROARS RESPECT RESET BLITZ is in its last week at Juniper Ridge. We are hopeful the children will make their goal to fill up the RESPECT O METER, but if not, it is a good lesson that we keep trying to improve and continue to reach a goal if we don't get there on first attempt.

PARKING- Please parents at no time can you access the staff parking lot. We don't even have enough spots for our staff some days. Adding parent cars into the mix just compounds the problem. Also, at no time should parents be parking in the bus zones by the entrance to the parking lot. THOSE ARE FOR BUSES and DAYCARES ONLY. I know it is tempting as it looks like close parking for drop off and pick up but it makes it very challenging for daycares when you are in that zone. Thanks for your help.

Kindergarten Registration completed this past week. If you have a neighbour or know of someone that did not come to register can you please send them to see Mrs. Decker immediately. We want the most accurate numbers as I move into staffing the school in March.

BASKETBALL PLAYOFFS begin the week of Feb. 25. I will be sending home the playoff schedules with each athlete on Tuesday.



Tues. Feb. 19- Mrs. Swift/Tondevold's class to BLSC 12-2:30

                    -TIer 1 Boys JRES 1 at home vs. DT/ JRES 2 @McGowan    

                     Tier 2 Boys JRES 1 @ Rayleigh/ JRES 2 @ Dufferin

Wed. Feb. 20- Mother Goose session in the library 3-4 pm

                    -Tier 2 girls @ PARKCREST (this is a change in day due to Harper Mountain ski day)

Thurs. Feb. 21- HARPER MOUNTAIN SKI DAY(Grimm and Lempriere's classes)

                     -PAC HOT LUNCH SWISS CHALET

                     -TIER 1 Girls at home vs KSA

Fri. Feb. 22-  K VISION SCREENING for all K's

                 -Skating 1:15 at VV- Lempriere and Klassen

                 -STAKE LAKE- Rein and Stonehouse



Mon. Feb. 25- Pizza with the Principal Lunch

Tues. Feb. 26- Read around the Planet begins with Mrs. Gorman

                     -February Recognition Assembly 8:40 for Primary and 9:25 Intermediate

                     -Tier 1 Girls at home vs. KSA

Wed. Feb. 27- WEAR PINK! Anti Bullying Day! Classroom activities will be happening around this content

                    -Tier 1 Boys (JRES 1) at home vs. LGES 2/ (JRES 2) at McGowan

                     -Mother Goose session 3-4 in Mrs. Mulholland' room today

Thurs. Feb. 28- MARCH NEWSLETTER will be emailed home to parents

                    -PAC HOT LUNCH is Pizza

                    -Tier 2 Girls at home vs. TBA

Fri. March 1- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS- CURRICULUM IMPLEMENTATION DAY- All staff doing professional learning on this day as mandated by the Ministry of Education.

A reminder that if your child has work they are proud of they should be submitting this to MRS. STONEHOUSE for consideration for the YOUNG ARTISTS CONFERENCE by March 4th.

The next PAC Meeting is Monday March 4 at 6:15 pm. Please make note Trustee Wade will be present to discuss the long term Facilities Report for Juniper Ridge. Also, we would like to thank the PAC for their recent purchase approvals of 36 high performance skipping ropes for our kids, reading materials for our 4 Kindergarten classes  and all the snow bricks you see our kids using for their recess and lunch. This is your fundraising dollars at work and we appreciate how all parents support our school. We are so grateful!


Mrs. DeFehr (Grateful every day for our school community! I feel so fortunuate to be the school leader of this high performing system we call JUNIPER RIDGE!)

 February 11-15, 2019


Hi Parents,

Please find the reminders for the week below and a glance at the following week as well for your planning.

Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Tessa Watson, our acting Vice Principal. Mrs. Watson will assume teaching duties that Mrs. Lloyd had and will be .5 Vice Principal indefinitely. Please see email I sent out on Friday February 8th explaining the change in administration.


WEEK 2 of our PBIS ROARS RESPECT RESET CAMPAIGN! We have a goal to reach by Feb. 21 and we are hopeful all teachers are giving BINGO CHIPS every day for the respectful behaviour our students are showing. Check out the Respect O Meter in the main hallway by the office or on Instagram! Follow us @juniperridgeelementary


KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION for 2019-2020 is FEBRUARY 11-15, 2019. Remember to bring your child’s birth certificate, care card and proof of address. A reminder to register for our Kindergarten SPARK event as well for JUNIPER if registering. Information on the website.

FEBRUARY IS DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION MONTH! Diversity is Strength is the theme and classes are participating in the Film Festival which showcases ways students can be more inclusive.


PAC NEWS! Our next PAC Meeting is Monday February 11th at 6:15 in the library. All parents are welcome to attend and childminding is available in one of our classrooms.

PAC HOT LUNCH THIS WEEK IS Sweet Home Café on Thursday Feb. 14th.

We have 9 students from JUNIPER RIDGE representing our school at the SD73 MATH CHALLENGE on Tues. Feb. 12.

The JUNIPER RIDGE ROTARY SPEECH CONTEST is being held Wed. Feb. 13 in the library at 1:15. We have 5 judges coming to decide on our winner who will move onto the District competition.

ALL STAMPS AND PARAGRAPHS FOR THE JUNIPER RIDGE HERITAGE STAMP CONTEST are due to Mrs. DeFehr by Tues. Feb. 12. Judging will take place by the staff on Feb. 14th.

FRUIT AND VEGGIE PROGRAM is KIWI this week. Mrs. Swift’s class will deliver it to our classrooms.

KINDERGARTEN PARENTS- a reminder to send your child in their Kindergarten shirt as all 4 classes are heading to GYMNASTICS on Thursday February 14th in the morning.

On Friday Feb. 15th- a reminder to wear your JUNIPER RIDGE SPIRIT WEAR! Mrs. Swift, Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Storozak’s classes  go skating at 1:15 at Valleyview Arena today. Mrs. Grimm and Mrs. Lempriere/Casponi’s classes go to HARPER MOUNTAIN.

BASKETBALL UPDATES: The personalized clothing orders are IN! We will be calling all athletes down Monday to get their items. We were still waiting on 3 XL, but hoping they come first thing Monday.



TIER 2 BOYS JRES 1- BYE , JRES 2 at home vs. RLC




FAMILY DAY- Monday February 18th- no school for students or staff

Tues. Feb. 19- Swift/Tondevold’s class at the Big Little Science Centre 12-2:30, TIER 1 BOYS JRES 1 @home vs. DT, JRES 2 @ McGowan     TIER 2 BOYS JRES 1 @ Rayleigh, JRES 2 @ DUFFERIN

Thurs. Feb. 21- LAST DAY OF THE ROARS RESPECT RESET BLITZ! Harper Mountain Day 2 for Grimm and Lempriere/Casponi’s classes. PAC HOT LUNCH- Swiss Chalet, TIER 1 Girls  @ home vs KSA, Tier 2 Girls  @ Parkcrest

Fri. Feb. 22- SPIRIT DAY- WEAR YOUR JAGS SWAG! Kindergarten Vision Screening for all 4 classes, Stonehouse and Rein’s classes to Stake Lake, Skating at VV arena for Klassen and Lempriere/Casponi’s classes.

Thanks parents for your continued support!


Mrs. DeFehr (I think I am the luckiest principal in the district. I have the best staff, the best students and the best parents.)



 February 4-8, 2019

Hi Wonderful Parents of Juniper Ridge,

Please find below the updates for this week at our school and a glimpse at the following week as well.


The FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER was emailed home January 31 and is posted to the website. Please print the Pizza with the Principal form (or your child can ask Mrs. Decker for one) so that they can enter the February draw. Forms are due back by Feb. 15

STRANGER DANGER- On Friday Feb. 1 a parent came to me concerned about a man that was out for a walk that approached her daughters to strike up conversation. The RCMP have been notified and we are asking parents and staff to pay close attention in our community. Parents, I am asking that you review with your child what protocols you would expect of your child as they walk to and from our campus in respect to Stranger Danger.

PBIS ROARS RESPECT RE-SET! From Feb. 4-21 our staff are hoping to see 430 students who are showing the utmost of respect for adult requests. Compliance is critical in a school and children need to learn to respond appropriately and willingly to reasonable adult requests. THIS IS OUR FOCUS for FEBRUARY! Thanks for reinforcing at home that saying "OKAY" to an adult when asked to do a task is the only response. We can't wait to celebrate the success of the children.

FEBRUARY is also DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION MONTH! Diversity is Strength is the message and teachers will be participating in the SHORT FILM FESTIVAL giving this topic a focus and teaching time in the coming weeks.

TERM II REPORT CARDS are due at the end of FEBRUARY- parents if you can please support your child in getting lots of sleep, completing home study and ensuring attendance is a priority this month it will assist the staff greatly.

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION FOR 2019-2020 is approaching FEB. 11-15. Please tell your friends and family to ensure they come next week. K regisrtation determines much about the capacity moving forward for our school so we want to have the most accurate numbers at the end of next week.

BASKETBALL UPDATES: TIER 1 TEAMS both boys and girls- your TOURNAMENT FORMS AND FEES are due Monday Feb. 4 for the South Sahali Tourney and Brock Middle Tourney Feb. 8/9.

CLOTHING UPDATE: Hansport is working on our Jaguars Basketball clothing and I hope to receive it this week. That said....6 long sleeve Youth Mediums were ordered by 6 players. I had to make the call to wait for our order for 3  more weeks since that size was on back order or upgrade those mediums to Youth Large and get our order finished- I did that instead! When they come in- if you are upset please email me and I will tell you my plan to remedy this situation if your child is swimming in their YL.

TIER 1 BOYS League Action this week Feb. 5: JRES 1 - BYE, JRES 2 @LGES 2

TIER 2 BOYS League Action this week Feb. 5 : JRES 1 @Kay Bingham, JRES 2 @home vs. LGES

                      Thurs. Feb. 7- Tier 2 Boys JRES 1 vs. Parkcrest at JUNIPER

TIER 1 GIRLS League Action this week Feb. 7: Juniper @ McGowan

TIER 2 GIRLS League Action this week Feb. 7 : Juniper @KCS


Wed. Feb. 6- ART STARTS PERFORMANCE in the GYM 1:15 Troll Grandfather for K-3 students

                  -GLOBAL PLAY DAY!

Thurs. Feb. 7- YPC CONCERT 9:15 at the Sagebrush for Gr. 4-7 students MONSTER THEATRE

                   -PAC HOT LUNCH- PIZZA

                  -GYMNASTICS AT TCC for all 4 Kindergarten Classes AM

Fri. Feb. 8- NON INSTRUCTIONAL DAY- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS. Our staff will be busy participating in professional learning.

Feb. 8/9 Basketball Tournaments for TIER 1 Teams




Mon. Feb. 11-  PAC MEETING FOR FEBRUARY 6:15 pm. All parents welcome. If a Spring Carnival can happen we need parents to volunteer. Please contact the PAC to let them know you can help.

Tues. Feb. 12- Math Challenge at TRU for 3 students. Heritage Stamps due to Mrs. DeFehr


TIER 2 BOYS JRES 1 - BYE, JRES 2 home vs. RLC

Wed. Feb. 13- JRES ROTARY SPEECH CONTEST 1:15 in the library.


TIER 1 GIRLS Juniper @ MSES, TIER 2 GIRLS @ home vs. HALDANE

PAC HOT LUNCH- Sweet Home Cafe

GYMNASTICS all 4 K classes AM

AFTERSCHOOL JUDGING OF HERITAGE STAMPS BY STAFF to determine the Gr. 3/4/5/6/7 winners (winners announced at the February Recognition Assembly)

Fri. Feb. 15: HARPER Ski Day for Grimm and Lempriere, Skating at VV 1:15 for Swift, Johnston and Storozak,  Pizza with the Principal forms due



Mrs. DeFehr (Getting all the February Feels as our students continue to have such success! I can't wait to see the level of respect increase this month!)

 January 28-Feb. 1, 2019




Hi Parents,

Here are the updates for this week and a glance at the first week full week of February as well.

January Growth Mindset Focus: Feedback is a Gift Accept It

February Growth Mindset Focus: A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

A reminder to parents to please SUBSCRIBE to our new Juniper Ridge Website. Go to WHAT’S HAPPENING (top tab) then hit SCHOOL NEWS and hit Subscribe!

The FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER will be emailed to parents this week. Be sure to enter for Pizza with the Principal.

The gym is closed MON. JAN. 28 for the removal of the ropes that hang from the ceiling. The crew will be done in time for afterschool basketball practices.


Some classes are doing their UNPLUG AND PLAY week this last week of January. Please support the students at home by limiting screen time.

Mon. Jan. 28- Pizza with the Principal Lunch

Tues. Jan. 29- Hrycan’s K class to BLSC 9-11:30

                    -Tier 1 Boys JRES 1 @ KSA/ JRES 2 at home vs. St. Ann’s

                    -Tier 2 Boys JRES 1 @ Logan Lake (leave at 2 pm)/ JRES 2 @ Parkcrest

Wed. Jan. 30- Mulholland’s K class to BLSC 10-12:30

                    -Johnston’s class at HGEC for KAIROS Button Exercise 9-12

                    -TIER 2 girls at Dufferin


Thurs. Jan. 31- JANUARY RECOGNITION ASSEMBLIES Primary at 8:40 and Intermediate at 9:25 am.

                      -Fruit and Veggie Program delivery to classes by Mrs. Swift’s class(apples)

                      -PAC HOT LUNCH is HOT DOGS today!

                      -TIER 1 Girls- BYE (return your Tournament forms and fees for South Sahali)

                      -ABORIGINAL CONNECTIONS EVENT 6-7 pm in the gym

Fri. Feb. 1- Valleyview Skating at 1:15 pm- Plut, Sandhu and Davey/Lloyd’s classes


Mon. Feb. 4- PBIS ROARS RESPECT campaign starts! Our data is indicating respect for reasonable adults from our students needs a blitz and re-teaching. From Feb. 4-Feb. 22 we will be doing some targeted teaching to encourage our students to be mindful of their compliance.


Tues. Feb. 5- TIER 1 Boys JRES 1 @BYE/ JRES 2 @ LGES

                      TIER 2 Boys JRES 1 @ Kay Bingham/ JRES 2 @home vs. LGES

Wed. Feb. 6- ART STARTS Performance for K-3 students in the gym at 1:15 Axis Theatre  Troll Grandfather presentation

Thurs. Feb. 7- PAC HOT LUNCH- Pizza

                    -YPC Concert Gr. 4-7 9:15 at Sagebrush Theatre Monster Theatre

                    -ALL FOUR K CLASSES to Gymnastics in AM

                    -TIER 1 Girls @ McGowan/ TIER 2 Girls @KSA



A REMINDER THAT KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION FOR 2019-2020 is coming up FEB. 11-15th at JUNIPER RIDGE. Proof of address, BC Services Card and Birth Certificate all required.

Thank you parents for helping to make Juniper Ridge Elementary the high performing system that it is.


Mrs. DeFehr (A grateful and growth mindset focused school leader)

 January 21-25, 2019


January Growth Mindset Focus: Feedback is a Gift~ Accept It!

IT IS LITERACY WEEK! Please promote more reading, board games and outside time and limit SCREEN TIME THIS WEEK! As a school we have some fun activities planned for the students too~! Literacy Trivia begins this week every day on the announcements.

Some of our classes are participating in UNPLUG AND PLAY WEEK and have booklet to document all the ways they reduce their screen time with other kid activities!

Please read the attachment regarding SCREEN TIME.

HEAP THE HONDA CONTINUES THIS WEEK! Thanks for all the books so far. Families have until Friday Jan. 25 to send in their books to us.

PAC UPDATES: PAC HOT LUNCH is Thursday Jan. 24 and it is CHOPPED LEAF. A reminder the PAC is looking for volunteers to support the SPRING CARNIVAL. If parents do not step forward to start planning they may have to cancel.

HUGE THANKS TO OUR PAC! We were able to purchase 50 new JRES JAGUARS JERSEYS for our SPORTS TEAMS in larger sizes for our Gr. 6/7 athletes! A huge thank you to our PAC for also supporting our Family Math night and paying for supplies. These are just two examples of how your fundraising dollars are supporting our students.

BASKETBALL LEAGUE PLAY STARTS THIS WEEK! Any outstanding forms need to be returned first thing Monday morning to be able to play this week. Jaguars Attire orders were placed Thursday so we look forward to getting those back for players who ordered.

Tues. Jan. 22 TIER 1 BOYS JRES 1 @Westmount/ TIER 1 BOYS JRES 2 @ Brock

                       TIER 2 BOYS JRES 1 @home vs. PAC WAY/ TIER 2 BOYS JRES 2 @ RAYLEIGH

Thurs. Jan. 24 TIER 1 GIRLS @ Summit

                        TIER 2 GIRLS @ home vs. Aberdeen

Please remind your students to stay off the ice. We had some major injuries this past week and while the school and the district do our best with salting and getting the district sand truck on site, we really need to kids help in staying off the patches that they many find entertaining. Some of the accidents the ice was hiding and of course the children didn’t realize what was under the snow. We just want to keep everyone as safe as possible.

A reminder I am in Vancouver Thursday Jan. 24 and Friday Jan. 25. Please email me if needed at or contact Wendy Lloyd our Vice Principal in my absence.

CHOICE DAYS IS GOING GREAT! Kids are loving the choices! If you have any board games you and your family would like to donate we would be thrilled to add to our collection. Please drop off at the office.


On Friday Jan. 25- Plut, Sandhu and Klassen’s classes go skating so just a reminder to send skates and helmets.



Our gym is closed Monday Jan. 28 for the swing ropes to be removed.

Monday Jan. 28 is Pizza with the Principal Lunch- congratulations to the 4 winners!

Tues. Jan. 29- Ms. Hrycan’s class goes to BLSC 9-11:30

Wed. Jan. 30 – Mrs. Mulholland’s class goes to BLSC 10-12:30

                      -Mrs. Johnston’s class goes to the HGEC for the Kairos Button Exercise

Thurs. Jan. 31- RECOGNITION ASSEMBLY 8:40 for Primary and 9:25 for Intermediate

                       -February Newsletter will be emailed home

                       -PAC HOT LUNCH- Hot Dogs

                       -ABORIGINAL CONNECTIONS EVENT 6-7 pm – BANNOCK AND JAM and


Fri. Feb. 1- Skating for Davey/Lloyd, Plut and Sandhu/Patterson classes 1:15

Reminder no school Feb. 8 Non Instructional Day and Mon. Feb. 18- FAMILY DAY.


Mrs. DeFehr (One proud principal that our students are following ROARS and WITS!)



 January 14-18, 2019


 Parents, here are the updates for this week and a glance at the following week as well for your planning.

Everyone was so happy to return and the school felt calm and full of engagement this week. Thank you for sending us your delightful children each day. Attendance this week was outstanding.

GROWTH MINDSET THEME: Feedback is a gift ~ Accept it.

Remember to Return your Pizza with the Principal entry for January by Friday Jan. 18th before 8:45 am.

PAC NEWS: Our January PAC Meeting is Mon. Jan. 14th at 6:15 pm. Childminding is available and ALL PARENTS are always welcome. As the principal I will be sharing the District Learning Plan as well as touch on highlights from the School District’s Long Term Facilities Plan which could effect Juniper Ridge Elementary by 2020.

PAC HOT LUNCH THIS WEEK: Thurs. January 17th- SWISS CHALET. We all eat at 12:05 on this day.

SLIDING: The snow has been scarce this year, but when we get it, the kids do love to slide. Thanks to the PAC that purchased 50 new Crazy Carpets for us. That is your fundraising dollars used for our kids. Could I please ask that you remind your child to follow the sledding expectations and zones for where they can slide. We never slide into fences. We never slide into the hard court. We never slide  from the field down to the base of the school building. We are never to slide on the hill by the playground and C Can Storage units. We are trying to provide the best supervision we can and take our duty of care to the highest level. In turn, we ask that your children follow the expectations expressed by adults at Juniper.

BASKETBALL PLAYERS: Jaguars Basketball Attire forms were sent home Friday. They are due back with payment by Thursday Jan. 17th to Mrs. Decker. Attire orders are optional*

Basketball League Play Forms, letters, schedules, practice times, code of conduct contracts will all be coming home with your athlete on Monday. These are due back to the yellow bin by the main doors by Thurs. Jan. 17th in order to be able to play in the league.

PLEASE NOTE: RENOVATIONS HAPPENING IN THE GYM JAN. 14 and 15. We are cancelling the 7 am morning practices for Tier 1 Boys and Girls teams as we are unsure when the district will arrive.

TIER 2 girls will practice at 2:45 and TIER 1 BOYS (Matt/Sunny) will practice at 4:00 on Monday.  The district assured me they would be cleaned up by afterschool. Practice schedule will be followed unless otherwise stated by your coach- parents you will have that Monday afternoon when your child brings home their permission package.

JANUARY IS LITERACY MONTH! HEAP THE HONDA begins Mon. Jan. 14. Please begin to send all books that are not being read so that they can be donated to families and bookshelves in our city. Send your books until January 25.

GR.7 PARENTS- please respond to the MOVING ON event survey that was sent to you on or before Jan. 16th. Once we see what the community and grade sevens are hoping for we will begin to start the planning process for how we will honor this exceptional group of grade seven learners.

REMINDER: January 16- Mrs. Rein’s Gr. 5 class are off to BLSC for the Trades Sampler experience 9:30-12.

FAMILY MATH NIGHT- Thank you to the 60 families who RSVP’d and registered for our FAMILY MATH EVENT on Thurs. Jan. 17th starting at 5:30. Thanks to Mrs. Lloyd for organizing.

JERSEY DAY IS Friday Jan. 18th. Please send your child in their favourite sporting attire!

TERM II OVERVIEWS will be emailed home to our parent community by the teacher by Fri. Jan. 18th. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher about the overview or your child’s progress at any time.

On Friday Jan. 18th- Mrs. Lempriere/Casponi, Mrs. Waters and Mrs. Murray’s classes will participate in Robotics lessons at the school with Elizabeth DeVries (District Technology Coordinator)


IT IS LITERACY WEEK at JUNIPER! It is also UNPLUG AND PLAY WEEK for those classes that signed up to participate!

THURSDAY JAN. 24- READING ROCKS WEAR YOUR FUNKY SOCKS DAY! We hope to see lots of exciting sock attire! Heap the Honda will end Friday Jan. 25th.

PAC HOT LUNCH is CHOPPED LEAF on Thurs. Jan. 24.

I will be out of the school Jan. 24/25 in Vancouver. I am going to tour Crofton House and Norma Rose Point Elementary. Please contact Mrs. Lloyd for any concerns next week.

Friday Jan. 25 is Skating for Plut, Sandhu and Klassen’s classes at 1:15 at Valleyview Arena.


Mrs. DeFehr (An extremely fortunate principal to call Juniper Ridge the place where I lead, work, learn and play)

 January 7-11, 2019




I hope you had a remarkable holiday with your children! What a lovely two weeks it has been!

MYEDBC where I normally email you all from is down for maintenance until January 7th. I am trying School Messenger as an alternate form of communication to parents at this critical time with school starting Monday January 7th at 8:30 am. I couldn’t believe it when I logged on to email you all that MYEDBC wasn’t working. I needed to come up with a PLAN B!

I will also post all information to the Juniper Ridge Website as well. If you have not subscribed to the website I encourage you to do that by going to WHAT’S HAPPENING top tab, then click SCHOOL NEWS and hit subscribe and follow the commands to subscribe.

The January 2019 Newsletter will also be posted to the Juniper Ridge Website. I will try to send it via School Messenger as well. It has lots of updates for this month and the very full calendar section is always helpful. Please print off the PIZZA with the PRINCIPAL form and put your child in the draw for January. *Please note that there was an error in the newsletter- The Aboriginals Connection event will be in the gym on JANUARY 31 not FEBRUARY 7. It was listed twice in the calendar. Our apologies.

GROWTH MINDSET FOCUS for JANUARY- Feedback is a gift~ Accept it!

As we transition back to school and routines, remind your child about ROARS AND WITS. Please also ensure they are ready to comply with all adult requests. Compliance and respect is important in creating effective and efficient learning environments.

Please return all PE STRIP and INSIDE SHOES that went home over the holidays.

CHOICE DAYS begin January 7th! Monday-Thursday your child can ask their teacher for a pass to the variety of options being given. Going outside is always preferred and parents can direct their child to always go outside if you prefer that option for your child. The schedule is attached to the newsletter.

JANUARY IS LITERACY MONTH! We will begin to collect books for HEAP THE HONDA starting January 14th Please check your shelves and donate books!

BASKETBALL TEAMS ARE SET! We have 6 teams this year. As soon as league schedules are sent by the Basketball commissioner, your basketball athlete will receive a package of schedules and permission forms. Please return them promptly. Practices begin this week. The practice times will be sent home with all paperwork. This week though please make note:

Practices this week:

Tier 2 girls (Chris)- 2:45-4 Monday and Wednesday

Tier 1 girls(Ross) - 7 am Tuesday/ 4 pm on Wednesday

Tier 1 boys (Tasha/Andy) 7 am Wednesday/  2:45 on Thursday/ 2:45 Friday

Tier 1 boys (Matt/Sunny) 4 pm Monday/ 7 am Thursday/ 2:45 Friday

Tier 2 boys (both teams Andrea/Wayne/Nicole) 12:05 Tuesday and Friday lunchtime

Gr. 4/5 Basketball Clinic(Tasha and Deb) - 12:05 Thursdays


Monday January 7- School resumes for 2019

Wednesday January 9- Waters and Murray’s classes skiing at Harper Mountain

Thursday January 10- PAC HOT LUNCH- Pizza

Friday January 11- School Spirit Day- Wear your Juniper Ridge Logo attire!

Skating- 9:30- Sandman Centre Richard, Stonehouse and Storozak’s classes



The gym is closed for January 14 and 15 as renovations are happening. No morning basketball practices can occur, but the district assures us that they will be out of the gym for 3 pm so that rentals and practices can occur.

Monday January 14- Heap a Honda begins, PAC MEETING 6:15 pm in the library (all parents are welcome and childminding available)

Wednesday January 15- Mrs. Rein’s class to BLSC for Trades Sampler session, Mother Goose sessions begin 3-4 pm in library for toddlers that registered in the community.

Thursday January 16-  PAC HOT LUNCH- Swiss Chalet, FAMILY MATH NIGHT 5:30-6:30 (please rsvp to the email Mrs. Lloyd sent out ASAP)

Friday January 17- TERM II OVERVIEWS will be communicated to parents by today. SPIRIT DAY at JUNIPER- JERSEY DAY! Wear your favourite team colors or jersey from any sport! Pizza with the Principal forms due to the yellow bin by 8:45 am.


Thank you,

Mrs. DeFehr (Excited to see all 439 students for the 2019 year ahead and be a part of all they will accomplish!)


 December 17-21, 2018

Hi Parents,

Here are your updates for the last week of school before WINTER BREAK!

Thank you so much for all your support with our 4 Christmas Concerts this past week! Having you fill our gym meant so much.

Growth Mindset Focus for December: WE LOVE A CHALLENGE!

Here are the updates for this week and a sneak peak into January 2019!

*Please return brown REPORT CARD ENVELOPES on Mon. Dec. 17

*PAC HOT LUNCH ORDERS must be placed via MUNCH A LUNCH by January 3.

*Just a reminder parents that if you send your child with a juice box- we expect your child to finish it and take home the recyclable packaging in their lunch kit. Talk to your child about never putting a half finished juice box in their bag for you!

*BASKETBALL TRY OUTS THIS WEEK: Mon. Dec. 17- Tier 1/2 Girls 2:35-4/ Gr. 6/7 Boys 4-5:30

Tues. Dec. 18- Gr. 5 Boys 12:05      Wed. Dec. 19- Gr. 6/7 Boys 4-5:30  

Thurs. Dec. 20 Tier 1/2 Girls 4-5:30

There will be a Basketball Clinic Thursdays at lunch for any Gr. 4/5's that signed up as well starting in January

*VEHICLES on NECHAKO watching the playground- Several staff have raised concern about what we think is parents watching from their vehicles during recess and lunch. Our duty is to watch for inappropriate situations for our children to keep them safe. My staff and volunteers are on high alert outside when we see vehicles  creeping along that fence line. Could I please ask that parents DO NOT do this. We do not know every parent's vehicle and it has created some panic we would like to avoid.  Please park your vehicle  and come inside the school and I am happy to page your child to see you if needed.

* Thank you to everyone who ordered FRESH IS BEST for our fundraiser!  ORDERS need to be picked up on Thursday December 20th. We will be sending them home with children if parents are unable to come by the office to get them from Mrs. Decker.

* As principal I am out of the building Tuesday Dec. 18(district business), Wednesday Dec. 19(district business)  and Thursday Dec. 20 AM(picking up Fresh is Best orders) Please email me if needed  or contact Mrs. Lloyd as Vice Principal at the school.

*PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to our new WEBSITE! Go to What's Happening top tab- click SCHOOL NEWS in the drop down menu and hit SUBSCRIBE!  Then follow the prompts and remember to click that you are not a robot. THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING!

*ASK YOUR CHILD TO CHECK THE LOST AND FOUND this week! The clothes will be bagged and sent out of the building after Friday.

*Friday Dec. 21- LAST DAY OF CLASSES for 2018. Mrs. Rein and Mrs. Stonehouse's classes go Swimming in the afternoon.

*Gr. 4 and 7 parents will receive the FSA BOOKLETS AND STUDENT REPORT SHEET on Friday December 21.

WINTER BREAK~ December 22- January 6th! Have a wonderful holiday with your children!


I will email the January 2019 newsletter to families over the holidays.

JANUARY GROWTH MINDSET FOCUS: Feedback is a Gift~ Accept it!

Basketball teams and schedules will be sent home to families once rosters are confirmed and league schedules are sent to me.

CHOICE DAYS for lunch time play begin in January! We are so excited that our kids will have a variety of opportunities for their lunch time play choice if outside is not what they want to do. CHOICE DAYS run Monday to Thursdays. The schedule will be attached to the back of the January newsletter.

JANUARY IS LITERACY MONTH! We will be doing HEAP THE HONDA so please consider donating books that are no longer read in your household Jan. 14-25th.

Wed. Jan. 9- Waters and Murray's classes go skiing at HARPER MOUNTAIN

Thurs. Jan. 10- PAC HOT LUNCH- PIZZA

Fri. Jan. 11- SKATING- Sandman Centre- Richard, Stonehouse and Storozak classes 9:30

Our next PAC MEETING is Monday January 14th.

TERM II OVERVIEWS will be sent home to parents by Friday January 18th, 2019 so you have a focus for the learning outcomes that will be covered over the course of the term.


I am so grateful to be a part of such a fabulous community! Enjoy your time with family and friends.

REACH HIGH~SERVE WELL~ LEARN TOGETHER- it is our work in 6 words at Juniper Ridge.


Mrs. DeFehr (I have to be the most fortunate principal in SD73! I get to work with you and your children each and every day!)


 December 10-14, 2018

Hi Parents,

Here are your updates for this week and a glance at our LAST week of school before the holidays too.


First off, thank you so much for all the TOYS you donated for the TOYS FOR KIDS BREAKFAST! We were able to send over 250 toys to needy children in Kamloops. Our leadership students, Mrs. Waters and I would like to say a huge thank you for your generosity.

Secondly, Superintendent Alison Sidown visited Juniper Ridge yesterday. She commented on the absolutely remarkable culture and climate as she toured the building. She was impressed by the level of engagement of your children and the quality of lessons she observed by the staff. I felt extremely proud to be the school leader of Juniper Ridge.

IT IS CHRISTMAS CONCERT WEEK at JUNIPER RIDGE! Here are all the Dress Rehearsal times and concert times so parents are aware. Only the students watch the Dress Rehearsals. Friends and family are invited to the PERFORMANCE times please. Please check the LOST AND FOUND when you come to the school in the coming week. All items will be donated to FOUND 4 KIDS and will be out of the building come January.


Monday December 10- Dress Rehearsal 1:15 pm

Tues. December 11- Evening Performance 6:00 pm

*GRADE ONE “SNOW” Performance

Monday December 10- Dress Rehearsal 10:25 am

Tues. December 11- Afternoon Performance 1:15 pm


Thursday December 13- Dress Rehearsal 1:15 pm

Thursday December 13- Evening Performance 6 pm

*GRADE 5-7 “THE SNOW SHOW’ Performance

Wednesday December 12- Dress Rehearsal 1:15 pm

Wednesday December 12- Evening Performance 6 pm

PAC UPDATES: December PAC Meeting is Monday December 10th at 6:15 in the library. All families are welcome and childminding is provided.

PAC HOT LUNCH this week is Thurs. Dec. 13 and it is PIZZA.  A reminder to go to the MUNCH A LUNCH APP and order for the new year! You have until January 3 to do this!

TERM I REPORT CARDS will be coming home to parents on Thurs. Dec. 13th. Please return the brown district envelope and we encourage you to write a comment on the front.

SPIRIT DAY IS FRIDAY DEC. 14- IT IS RED AND GREEN DAY! Come as festive as you can!

SKATING THIS WEEK: On Friday December 14- Mulholland, Hrycan and Grimm's classes go to the Sandman Centre for 9:30. Swift, Johnston and Stonehouse go skating at Valleyview Arena at 1:15 pm

TIER 2 BOYS BASKETBALL COACH- We still need a coach for the boys at the Grade 5 level. If I don't hear by the end of the week I will need to tell the boys there is no coach for the 2018-2019 season. Thanks if you can help or know someone that loves basketball.

SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW JUNIPER RIDGE WEBSITE. Please just google Juniper Ridge Elementary and find our website. Click on WHAT'S HAPPENING (top tab) , SCHOOL NEWS (drop down menu) then HIT THE BURGANDY SUBSCRIBE button and follow the prompts! Thanks to the 55 of you that have already done this! It is appreciated.

Coming up next week:

FRESH IS BEST ORDERS will be ready for PICK UP on Thursday. We will need everyone to come collect their orders on Thursday or they will be sent home with your child. We do not have the fridge space to store the items. Thank you so much for your support!

FSA RESULTS PACKAGES- student booklets and reports from the School District are returnedto the school. Parents of Gr. 4 and 7 students can look for these coming home on Friday December 21. Please look for a letter from myself in your package as well.

REIN and STONEHOUSE's classes go swimming at TCC on Fri. Dec. 21 1-2:30

LOCKER, DESKS AND LOST AND FOUND- Please know your child will be expected to clean out their locker and desk next week. Please encourage your child to check the lost and found as well! There are so many beautiful clothing items on our tables I am sad no one is claiming them.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS- KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION AT JUNIPER RIDGE will begin February 11-15th. Proof of address is needed as well as BC Services Card and Birth Certificate. Please tell neighbours and friends of Juniper to please come register this week. This registration assists us in class configuration planning for the 2018-2019 school year. We need accurate numbers and Kindergarten registration assists us in this planning.

Thanks so much!


Mrs. DeFehr (Your very proud principal of your amazing children!)

 December 3-7, 2018

Hi Parents,

Happy Weekend! I am sending out the reminders for the week as I will be busy reading report cards this weekend.

The December newsletter was emailed to families and posted on the JRES website for your reference. All expectations about Snow have been shared with you as parents and all the teachers are in the process of teaching these expecatations so that children are very aware of what is acceptable use of snow with 500 of us on campus.

REMEMBER the PAC CRAFT FAIR is tomorrow at JRES GYM from 10-2. We hope you will be able to stop by and support the crafters.

TUES. Dec. 4 is the last day to bring in TOYS FOR THE TOYS FOR KIDS BREAKFAST! Please help us by picking up a new unwrapped toy if out and about this weekend. The class with the most donations wins a pizza party!

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW JUNIPER RIDGE WEBSITE. Please just google Juniper Ridge Elementary and click to access our website. Please go to the WHATS HAPPENING TOP TAB- click on that and a drop down menu will appear. FIND SCHOOL NEWS and click on that. A Subscribe radio button will appear. Click on it and it will open up fields and prompts for you to complete. Be sure to check the box at the bottom that you are not a robot!  I know it sounds like a lot of steps but it will be helpful to get timely updates.

I held a meeting at recess today for Basketball and WOW- what a turn out! Many children are wanting to play this sport. I am desperately in need of a TIER 2 BOYS coach or I will not be able to have this level of team which means Gr. 5 boys will not be able to play. Please help if you can.  If your child missed the sign up please tell them to come see Mrs. Decker or myself.

PARKING- I am asking parents that have been parking  on the house side of Nechako St. to please refrain from doing this. It is causing a problem again and is becoming unsafe  for drivers and those trying to cross the street. There are signs clearly posted not to park there. I will have to call Bylaw for ticketing should this not improve. I know it is hard to find parking, but parking illegally is not helping our neighbours or our fellow parents out.

PURDY'S ORDERS are IN! They can be picked up from the office  on Tuesday December 4th. Should you not be able to come in to get them and wish for them to be sent home with your child please email Mrs. Decker and let her know   We don't want to ruin a surprise by sending them home with your kids so please be speedy in your chocolate pick up.  THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

FRESH IS BEST! Orders are due on Wed. Dec. 5th! Thanks for your support!


PAC HOT LUNCH ORDERS can be placed for the winter session on the MUNCH A LUNCH site until January 3.

PAC HOT LUNCH is Thursday December 6- SENOR FROGGIES MEXICAN. We all eat at 12:05 and all play at 12:20 that day.

On Tuesday December 4th our K-3 students are off to see ELF at the Sagebrush Theatre 10:30-2.

Be sure to check out our classroom doors! Dec. 4-7 you will see a transformation in the school as we get into the festive season as we do our annual Door Decorating Design Challenge K-7!

Coming up next week:

Monday Dec. 10- PAC MEETING 6:15 pm

Tues. Dec. 11-  Gr. 1 Christmas Concert 1:15 pm   Snow

                      Kindergarten Christmas Concert 6:00 Twas the Night Before Christmas

Wed. Dec. 12- Gr. 5-7 Christmas Concert 6:00   The Snow Show

Thurs. Dec. 13- PAC HOT LUNCH Pizza

                       -TERM I Report Cards home to parents (return brown envelople to teacher- and we love when you write a comment on the front!)

                       -Gr. 2-4 Christmas Concert  6:00  Christmas Around the World


                    Skating 9:30- Hrycan, Mulholland and Grimm Sandman Centre

                   Skating 1:15- Swift, Johnston, Stonehouse Valleyview

Thanks everyone!


Mrs. DeFehr (In awe that it is December already! Thanks for all your support parents. I am so very fortunate to work, play and lead at Juniper Ridge)

 November 26-30, 2018

Hi Parents,

Happy Weekend! Please find below the updates for this week and a glance at the following week as well. Hard to believe December is fast approaching.

Growth Mindset Theme: "I am a valued member of this learning community"

We had quite a few office referrals this week and mostly for disrespect to adults in the school. Could I please ask that parents remind children that reasonable requests asked by staff and parent supervisors must be honored. Thank you! Also, thanks for your continued support in reminding your children to keep hands and feet to self.

The new Juniper Ridge website is now live. It does look quite different. It is by no means finished but we were told by the district to go live and work on it as we could. Thanks for your patience with it. As per an email I sent out last weekend be sure to download the SD73 app to your mobile device. I will review this information in the December newsletter.

WE NEED NEW UNWRAPPED TOYS sent to the school by Dec. 4. Our school is collecting for TOYS FOR KIDS this year as our charity of choice. Leadership students would appreciate a donation sent this week! The class that brings in the most new toys will get a pizza party from our friends at LITTLE CAESARS!  Thanks for shopping for this item this week.


We are excited to be re-starting a fantastic literacy program at Juniper Ridge Elementary in January- the One-to-One Reading Program. We are looking for volunteers to spend 1.5 hours per week (you choose one session per week- morning or afternoon) reading one-on-one with children at Juniper Ridge Elementary - helping them develop literacy skills and a love of reading. This is a a great opportunity for our community to be involved with our school, so please share this information with grandparents, aunts/uncles, friends and community members who may be interested. There is free training available to volunteers, with the next volunteer training sessions running at Henry Grube on January 29th and February 5. We will have the program up and running after Christmas. Please contact 


ERASE BULLYING- The Ministry has a new (but old) and revised reporting tool for ERASE bullying.

erase = expect respect & a safe education

The Ministry of Education is pleased to announce that the new erasewebsite is now live. In addition to bullying and violence prevention, the new erase site includes information and resources on online safety, mental well-being, substance use, and sexual orientation and gender identity. The site was created following extensive consultation with students, parents and educators. Teachers at Juniper will be sharing this with our Gr. 3-7 students. Parents are encouraged to look at the website as well.


All jerseys from VOLLEYBALL are now expected to be returned for our Tier 1 boys and Tier 2/3 teams.  Please wash and return to coaches. Parents will receive a $50 bill if the jersey is not returned in the coming week.


CONGRATULATIONS TO Neil Barrett and the TIER 1 GIRLS Volleyball Team! They have qualified for the SEMI FINALS! Please consider bringing your family to watch our girls play on Thurs. Nov. 29 at Brock Middle School. The game begins at 3:30 and we would love to see the stands filled with Juniper fans in Juniper school colors!


DOES YOUR CHILD LOVE BASKETBALL? I am in the process of organizing Basketball at Juniper Ridge. I do need a TIER 2 BOYS coach if there is a parent out there that can possibly assist.

Please talk to your child about playing basketball this year. SIGN UP AND EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Meeting will take place Friday Nov. 30th at recess. Gr. 4/5's are encouraged to attend the meeting as well. Gr.5's boys will play if I can find a coach. That said, Deb T. and Tasha V. will be doing a Basketball Clinic once a week for Gr. 4/5 age so encourage your child to come sign up for the clinic.


KINDGERGARTEN PARENTS- Remember your parent/child event for Numeracy is coming up TUESDAY NOVEMBER 27 8:20-10:05 in the gym. THE YOU CAN COUNT ON ME EVENT is one you and your child will love! Time together to learn about math. Special thanks to our PAC for sponsoring this event and providing the snacks!


THE YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR'S FAIR is this WEDNESDAY!  Items range in price from $1-5 and we would love the support of the community by sending your child with a bit of spending money to be able to purchase items our Gr. 7's have created for their business plan. Join us in the gym from 9-12 on Nov. 28. ALL PARENTS are encouraged to stop by!


PURDY's ORDERS ARE DUE BACK Mon. Nov. 26- thanks to all families for their orders! Don't miss out and send your orders by Monday!


OUR NEXT SCHOOL FUNDRAISER- RIGHT IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS IS FRESH IS BEST! Fresh is Best order forms will come home on Tuesday Nov. 27. Please return with payment by Dec. 5th.


PAC UPDATES: REMEMBER SUN. NOV. 25 is PAC CHAPTERS NIGHT 5:30-7:30!  Please support this great fundraiser by our PAC.

PAC HOT LUNCH ORDERS FOR WINTER are now available on  MUNCH A LUNCH.  Families can place orders until Jan. 3.

PAC CRAFT FAIR is coming up SAT. DEC. 1. There is a huge amount of vendors coming and some really great crafters this year! Join the PAC at the school from 10-2 next Saturday.

PAC POINSETTIA PICK UP- Mon. Nov. 26- PAC will be in Mrs. Water's portable sorting and waiting for all parents to come pick up their order until 6 pm. The order is expected to be delivered late morning, so PAC will need time to sort it. Plan to pick up 1:30-6 pm.



FRUIT AND VEGGIE PROGRAM is delivered Thursday to classes-- APPLES


NOVEMBER RECOGNITION ASSEMBLY is Thursday Nov. 29. Primary assembly at 8:40 and Intermediate Assembly at 9:25.


REEBOX BOX PEDOMETERS will be distributed to those students who signed up as part of our Action Research Project. Parents can expect the pedometers on Thurs. Nov. 29th.


EVERY FRIDAY IS SPIRIT WEAR DAY AT OUR SCHOOL- show your Juniper pride by wearing logo clothing or school colors- black, grey or burgandy!


THE DECEMBER NEWSLETTER will be sent home on November 30th!




PAC CRAFT FAIR- DEC. 1 in the gym

NON INSTRUCTIONAL DAY- Dec. 3  No school for students


Tues. Dec. 4- K-3 students to the Sagebrush to watch ELF

                   -Purdy's Orders to go home

                   -Decorate Your Door begins at our school! Contact your classroom teacher if you can volunteer to help with this project!

                    -Last day to bring toys in for Toys for Kids


Wed. Dec. 5- Fresh is Best orders due

Thurs. Dec. 6- PAC Hot Lunch Senor Froggies

Fri. Dec. 7- All doors will be decorated by today! Spirit Day- JRES pride!


Thanks everyone!


Mrs. DeFehr (Proud Principal of the Best school in SD73. I have the best parents, the best students, and the best staff!)



 November 19-23, 2018

Hi Parents,

I am having to send the weekly update tonight as both School District platforms (ZIMBRA email and MyEdBC) are being upgraded this weekend and are not accessible).

Here are the reminders for next week and a glance at the following week as well for your planning.

November Growth Mindset Theme: I am a valued member of this learning community"

WE DID IT! We filled our PBIS ROARS WATER TANK both weeks! Congratulations to staff and students for a fabulous blitz of amazing ROARS like behaviour. This means the children ALL get a SCHOOL WIDE PJ DAY on Mon. Nov. 26 and they will get a small extra treat at snack time. We are so proud of our school. HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT! Thanks to Mrs. Lloyd for her leadership and our PBIS Committee for their creative incentive using the water!

I have asked the district to switch our new website to Go LIVE! It is a work on progress so please have patience with me. It was time to make the conversion as running two websites was becoming a huge undertaking. What I need parents to do once the website is live is SUBSCRIBE using the subscribe radio button on the website. This likely won't happen until Tuesday next week. Also, the School District App is also now functioning. I will send out instructions for that separately. Our school will soon go live with the APP feature as well. Again, I will let you know when that happens. FIrst the website, then I will work at our JRES App with notifications!

Remember our school is doing a PURDY's FUNDRAISER right now! Thanks for your support and returning your orders by November 26th.

We are looking for a TIER 2 Boys Basketball Coach. If you have a son in Gr. 5 and you have a passion for basketball please contact Mrs. DeFehr

LEADERSHIP STUDENTS ARE COLLECTING NEW UNWRAPPED TOYS for TOYS FOR KIDS Breakfast! Please send your child with a new unwrapped toy by Friday November 30th.

Welcome to our new Kindergarten Teacher Miss Amy Head. She is replacing Mrs. Champness who is expecting her first child in the coming weeks.

I am out of the school Tues (PM), Wednesday (PM) and Thursday (presenting to TRU Education students)- please email should you require assistance

This week at JUNIPER RIDGE:

Monday Nov. 19- WEAR PJ's!W Intermediate classes have INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA SAFETY with RCMP

Tuesday Nov. 20- Thanks to the PAC for sponsoring Michael Bortolotto speaker coming to talk to all of our classes today.

TIER 1 BOYS PLAYOFFS at LGES Tuesday. All volleyball players in PLAYOFFS must return their permission slips by today to be eligible to play. TIER 3 Volleyball players need to return their jerseys to Mrs. Weatherall

Thursday Nov. 21-Tier 1 and Tier 2 Girls Playoffs. Tier 1 @ home, Tier 2 @ St. Ann's.  PAC Hot Lunch- we all eat at 12:05 together.

Friday Nov. 22- WEAR YOUR JRES SPIRIT WEAR or school colors!

Some updates from the PAC:

Here is the link for volunteering to provide a gift card for the McQueen Lake fundraiser. Thanks for your help.

Please send your gift card to the office by November 23rd

 The PAC is hosting a Chapters Indigo shopping night Sunday, Nov 25 5:30-7:30 pm . The PAC receives 15% on every purchase as well as 15% of every gift card purchased online anytime at  If you used gift cards purchased online at the event the PAC will receive 30%, for example $100 GC purchased and spent at the Event Nov 25 would earn the PAC $30! 

PAC Poinsettia Orders- Thanks to all that ordered! These can be picked up in Mrs. Waters portable on Monday November 26. Delivery is anticipated around 11 am - pick up will be until 6 pm Monday evening and we need all plants picked up.

PAC Hot Lunch this week is SWEET HOME CAFE on Thurs. Nov. 22


Mon. Nov. 26- PURDY's ORDERS due to the office, Pizza with the Principal Lunch, POINSETTIA pick up in the portable

Tues. Nov. 27- YOU CAN COUNT ON ME- MATH session for K parents and their child. If you can not make it as the parent, please send another family member in your place 8:15-10:05, FRESH IS BEST ORDERS go home to parents, Trish Smillie- Director of Learning Services at Juniper to meet with Mrs. DeFehr and Mrs. Lloyd.

Wed. Nov. 28- Last Day for TRU Student Teachers, YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR's FAIR in the gym! All are welcome! Items will cost between $1 and $5 so please send your child with some funds to enjoy the experience.

Thurs. Nov. 29- Fruit and Veggie Program- APPLES. RECOGNITION ASSEMBLY Primary at 8:40 and Intermediate at 9:25. PAC HOT LUNCH- Pizza! Reebox Box Pedometers are back for those students whose parents registered them in the first round as part of the research study.

For your reference- TERM I REPORT CARDS come home Thursday December 13th.

We will also be hosting a winter session Mother Goose session Jan. 16-March 6  3-4 pm

Registration will be done using

Thanks everyone,

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. DeFehr (One very proud principal of the LARGEST elementary school in SD73! )

 November 12-16, 2018

Hi Parents,

I hope you enjoy your long weekend with your children. There is no school on Monday November 12th as Remembrance Day falls on Sunday this year. Take time to remember with your children this weekend. They were absolutely amazing as an audience at our Remembrance Day Assembly on Friday.

Here are the reminders for this coming week at Juniper and a glance at the following week as well.


We are working hard on our School Learning Plan Goals! Did you know that we have 2 school goals at JUNIPER RIDGE:

1. To develop critical and creative thinkers who can communicate in different ways.

2. To develop perserverant learners who can collaborate with everyone.

If you would like to read our School Learning Plan in detail it is posted on the current Juniper Ridge website. I am so pleased with the work our staff is doing to reach the strategies and targets needed to make progress with our goals.

OUR PBIS ROARS WATER CHALLENGE CONTINUES! The classes are doing a great job filling their water tank fill lines! We start again this coming week and are reinforcing expected behaviours inside, outside and everywhere our children go.

PIZZA WITH THE PRINCIPAL FORMS are due back Nov. 16th if your child might like to have a special lunch with me. The forms are always at the end of the newsletters.

PAC FUNDRAISER is POINSETTIA's- ALL ORDERS are due back to the school by Thursday November 15th. Orders will be delivered the morning of Nov. 26 and can be picked up that afternoon. I will communicate specific location and times as I am updated by PAC.

THE PAC is also collecting GIFT CARD DONATIONS for their contribution to the MCQUEEN LAKE SD73 FUNDRAISER DINNER. If you are out and about please consider picking up a gift card and dropping it off at the school for the PAC. The PAC will take all the donated gift cards and create a gift card tree to be raffled off at the McQueen Lake dinner. The staff are also putting together a basket donation as well. Please send your gift cards by Fri. Nov. 23

THE PAC JRES CRAFT FAIR is coming up Sat. Dec. 1. BOOK YOUR TABLE NOW and be a part of this special event at the school! Contact the PAC if you need information.

Thanks to PAC for organizing the Spirit Wear orders. Now that those have all gone home- EVERY FRIDAY IS JRES JAGUARS SPIRIT DAY! Wear your Juniper Ridge clothing or school colors at the end of the week.

PAC HOT LUNCH is Thurs. Nov. 15 SWISS CHALET. We all eat at 12:05 on this day and all play at 12:20

The school is doing a PURDY's FUNDRAISER! Order booklets will come home Tuesday Nov. 13. Orders are due back to Mrs. Decker by Mon. Nov. 26. Parents will be able to pick up their PURDY's on Tues. Dec. 4. Thank you for your support!

Just an update on CHRISTMAS CONCERTS so you can plan ahead! We have now confirmed the following performances so you can make note and inform family:

GRADE ONE PERFORMANCE: 'Snow'  Tues. Dec. 11   1:15 pm

KINDERGARTEN PERFORMANCE: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' Tues. Dec. 11  6 pm

GRADE 5-7 PERFORMANCE: 'The Snow Show' Wed. Dec. 12   6 pm

GRADE 2-4 PERFORMANCE: 'Christmas Around the World'  Dec. 13  6 pm

We will have Dress Rehearsals but these are for the student body to watch their peers. I will update parents in the December newsletter but wanted to give you the dates and times for each grade grouping.  With 20 divisions, we had to get creative in how to best showcase our children's talents.

VOLLEYBALL THIS WEEK: Tues. Nov. 13- Tier 1 Boys at PAC WAY, Wed. Nov. 14- Tier 3 at Summit, Thurs. Nov. 15- Tier 1 Girls at home, Tier 2 girls at Aberdeen. We are expecting to hear about the Playoff Schedule this week and will send home communication about that as soon as we get schedules.

PROJECT EDGE occurs this week for our Gr. 6 students on Thurs. Nov. 15. The Kamloops Blazers and RCMP will lead this presentation.

KINDERGARTEN PARENTS- please return your YOU CAN COUNT ON ME RSVP by Fri. Nov. 16 to let us know if you are attending. Thanks to the PAC for sponsoring this event and providing the treats.

ON FRIDAY NOV. 16- Champness, Weatherall, Mulholland, Hrycan and Storozak's classes are headed to see the GRINCH at the Odeon. They are out of the building 11:15-2:30


Volleyball Playoffs begin. Permission forms will need to be returned.

Thanks to the PAC for sponsoring our guest presenter MICHAEL BORTOLOTTO Tuesday Nov. 20. He will present to all grade groupings on a motivational talk and how he overcame challenges he has had in his life. Michael has a condition that makes his speech a challenge. The children will receive heartfelt words of wisdom from him on acceptance and kindness. He has presented at multiple schools in our district and we are so glad the PAC is supporting this.

Thurs. Nov. 22- PAC HOT LUNCH DAY- Sweet Home Cafe


Mrs. DeFehr  (Grateful to work, learn and play in the community of Juniper Ridge)

 November 5-9, 2018

Hi Parents,

Happy Time Change Weekend. Please find below the reminders for this week and a glance at the following week as well for your planning.

Attached this weekend is some great tips on why Failure is important. I especially love the 7 Ways to Teach Kids that Failure is a Great Thing. #alwaystry

NOVEMBER GROWTH MINDSET THEME: I am a valued member of this learning community.

November is CANADA CAREER MONTH! The theme is #iknowicanbecause and you may see some students talking more about their skills and future aspirations because of this campaign being promoted in our school district.

The November Newsletter was emailed home this week. Please print off the Pizza with the Principal Forms and return to the yellow bin by the main doors. Also, if interested in supporting us with Choice Days for winter months please send the Tear A Way slip that was in the newsetter to the office by Nov. 14th.

PLEASE SEND A DONATION FOR POPPIES THIS WEEK. We pass along any funds we collect to the Royal Canadian Legion. All children will be given a poppy to wear on Friday.

Parents, I have started a new Principal recognition campaign called My Principal is Proud of Me. There is a large sign that will travel throughout the community and potentially end up in your front yard. If you arrive home or wake up with the sign at your residence, all I ask is that you return the sign to the school once your kids have seen it so I can continue to pass it along to deserving children. If the sign is at your home for the weekend could I ask that parents bring it in at night and put it back out Saturday/Sunday morning. I have my fingers crossed teenagers won't destroy it. I wish I had 440 of them, but for now, the sign will take turns surprising kids each night Mon-Fri.

PAC UPDATE: Our November Meeting is Mon. Nov. 5th at 6:15 in the library. Childminding is available. We have a guest speaker on Monday. Vessy Mochikas, District Principal of Inclusive Education will be coming to speak and answer questions. JRES SPIRIT WEAR has arrived and will be sorted and delivered to students on Monday. IF YOU ORDERED CHRISTMAS PRESENTS AND DO NOT WANT YOUR CHILD TO RECEIVE THE CLOTHING ORDER- please email JEN DAVIS at and let her know you will be picking it up at the office. PAC HOT LUNCH THIS WEEK IS THURS. NOV. 8- PIZZA DAY!

Our PBIS ROARS WATER CHALLENGE WEEKS BEGINS Mon. Nov. 5! Students will be expected to show their ROARS behaviour and if they do the class will get to fill up a container with water and add their amount to our SCHOOL WATER TANK in the office. If the school fills the tank each week they will earn a special reward. Our concentrated areas of focus are hallways, tidy spaces, assembly behaviour, whole body listening and safe play outside. It is going to be exciting!

Thank you parents that donated to CHAPTER ADOPT A SCHOOL during that campaign. $1900.00 was raised for Mrs. Gorman and I to support our school with literacy and digital literacy needs in our building. AMAZING! Thank you. Additionally, Mrs. Gorman and I receive 30% off purchases at Chapters!

Mon. Nov. 5- PAC MEETING 6:15 pm

Tues. Nov. 6- Mrs. Hrycan's class to the Art Gallery 9:30-12, Tier 1 Boys Volleyball at Beattie

Wed. Nov. 7- Fruit and Veggie Program delivery is Pears. Gr. 6 Immunizations- please ensure your Gr. 6 student is on time as they begin at 8:30. Aboriginal Connections Dinner in the gym at 4:30 pm~ we have 67 people attending this dinner! Mother Goose 3-4 pm in the library. Tier 3 Volleyball game is now at SOUTH SAHALI this week- not at home as per the original schedule as we needed the gym for the dinner.

Thurs. Nov. 8- PAC HOT LUNCH 12:05- we all eat together and then all play at 12:20.  Tier 1 Girls Volleyball at HOME! Tier 2 girls travel to St. Ann's.

Fri. Nov. 9- REMEMBRANCE DAY ASSEMBLY 9 am. All parents welcome. Many classes are performing.  Please send your child in WHITE, RED OR BLACK.  Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Waters classes go skating at VV Arena at 1:15.



Last Week of Volleyball League Play. Playoffs will then follow.

No School Mon. Nov. 12- JRES closed.

Tues. Nov. 13- Our JRES ANNUAL PURDY's FUNDRAISER BEGINS. Order booklets will be sent home and all orders and payment due back Mon. Nov. 26th.  Tier 1 Boys play at PAC WAY for VBall.

Wed. Nov. 14- PARENT CHOICE DAYS VOLUNTEER FORMS DUE. Mother Goose 3-4 pm. Tier 3 Volleyball at Summit.

Thurs. Nov. 15- PAC HOT LUNCH- Swiss Chalet. Project Edge for Gr. 6's 9 am with RCMP and Blazers. Tier 1 girls play at HOME, Tier 2 Girls travel to Aberdeen.

Fri. Nov. 16- KINDERGARTEN PARENTS need to return their YOU CAN COUNT ON ME RSVP's by today. Pizza with the Principal forms due for November. GRINCH MOVIE for Mulholland, Champness, Hrycan, Weatherall and Storozak's classes 11:15.

Thank you parents for sending your children to Juniper Ridge! It is a great place to work, learn and play as both students and staff.

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Mrs. DeFehr (ONE VERY PROUD PRINCIPAL of ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN! I so enjoy each and everyone of them.)


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